10" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones and Poseable Bodies

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2 years & up. Pleasantly plump diapered baby dolls have moveable arms, legs, and a head that turns. Each chubby doll is dressed in a washable, pull-on diaper. Children can take these washable dolls to the pool or in the bath. Babies are 10" tall.

Dolls each have their own unique eye colors and facial expressions and doll received may differ from the doll shown.

Great dolls for imaginary play

5 stars
The lots to love dolls are great. They are sturdy, washable and withstand years of play. They are the perfect size for toddlers. The realistic features make it easy explain and ask numerous questions to older toddlers about feelings or emotions as well as facial features. The dolls are great to use for Baby Doll Circle Time which is part of Conscious Discipline. The different skin tones create an array of multicultural/diversity for the classroom.

The 10" Lots to Love Babies is a product that every classroom should have in their home living area because they look like real babies and they are the perfect size for my 4 & 5 year olds in my class.

5 stars
The 10" Lots to Love Babies is a product that every classroom should have in their home living area. They look like real babies and they are the perfect size for my 4 and 5 year old's in my class. I love the different ethnics that are offered to order. It gives my classroom a sense of belonging for each child in my classroom and they can relate to each baby doll. Out of all the toys played with, the Lots to Love Babies are the most used.

5 stars
The little ones especially loved these. I also bought some bottles for them.

Berenguer Babies Are Great Quality..

5 stars
Not only do I love these babies facial expressions, but their faces/bodies are detailed so realisticly. They're also great quailty with multiple sizes to choose from, usually about 8inch-20inch. I have been drawn to Berenguer babies since I was young. I am excited I am able to find and purchase them now!!

Love these Lots to Love Babies!

5 stars
I love these babies. They are very authentic looking and I am glad that that the set includes an Asian baby, a Hispanic baby, an African-American baby and a Caucasian baby. They are also softly scented and smell so good, just as a real baby should! I also like that the sets come in different sizes - a 10" and a 14".

So cute, so real

5 stars
We got this set as well as the smaller set for our toddler classroom. The children LOVE them, they now play with the dolls more than they did before. They are much more life-like than other dolls. Since the facial expressions and colors are different the toddlers know which one is "their baby". Highly recommended!

I wish they were real.

5 stars
They are soooo cute. The only down side is they only come with a diaper.

Great varied expressions -very sweet!

5 stars
We just received these dolls so we don't have any long-term experience. However, we love the 3 dolls we purchased. Each has a unique expression. The size is a bit small, but very nice for 3-4 year-olds, allowing room for more dolls in the nursery! The head and legs move and the body has a nice feel. Not anatomically correct, which we wanted.


5 stars
I looked everywhere for a baby doll that would be apporpriate for my goddaughter and could not find one. At last I found Kaplan and now have a great new source for gifts for all my nieces and nephews.

Great item

4 stars
We ordered these for our toddler class, and they are just the right size for little hands.

Lots To Love Babies

5 stars
Amazing doll set. Realistic with baby like softness. Highly recommend for children and children's centers. Thanks for a wonderful learning tool!

Great Product

5 stars
The 10" baby dolls are perfect for infants and toddlers. I use them in Baby Doll Circle Time.

10 inch dolls

5 stars
They are adorable, almost too cute to give to the children, but gives me an excuse to play with them to.

perfect for toddlers

5 stars
We only purchase these 10" and 14" dolls for our classrooms. The 10" dolls are perfect for our young toddlers. They represent diversity, are easy to clean and have realistic facial expressions.

Wonderful dolls

5 stars
My kids love the dolls they are the perfect size . They wash up great. Legs and arms move easy for kids to dress and undress them. I would highly recommend these dolls!

bundles of love

5 stars
these sweet lil babes are just precious!well made with realistic features, mythree year olds will love playing with these adorable dolls.

Great Value

5 stars
These dolls are so cute and perfect for incorporating multicultural education into the classroom. I love the powder scent, too. Overall, this is a GREAT value!

Great Deal

5 stars
We purchased these dolls to help teach the children about multicultural society. We love them. They are so cute and smell nice, too. The kids love them! I recommend these dolls to anyone who teaches young children.

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