Diversity Hand Puppets with Movable Arms and Mouths - Set of 8

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2 years & up. These puppets are a great way for children of all ages to learn about diversity through interaction and play. This set of eight puppets represents four multicultural groups of children with aspects of their culture represented in their clothing designs. Use these puppets in the classroom for a fun lesson about diversity and inclusion. For further learning, discuss the cultures these puppets represent and the history of their clothing. Puppets measure 12" long and are 10" wide with the arms spread open and embroidered eyes. Made from polyester fibers. Surface cleans easily.

Diversity Puppets

5 stars
The diversity puppets are various essential to introduce various cultures and traditions within our nation. The diversity puppets support literacy, cognitive skills such as problems solving though role play. This give the student a visual of respecting others differences and culture. Every student enjoys a puppet show but every educator enjoys a puppet show with a meaning that supports student's learning needs.

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