Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters - Blue

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These lightly patterned light filters provide an effective and convenient solution to tone down harsh glares creating a more calming environment. Panels are made from heat-resistant fabric featuring magnetic corners that easily attach to standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures. For use with fluorescent lights only. Panels measure 2' x 4'. Included: 2 Blue Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters.

Fluorescent Light Filters

4 stars
These filters are great for my students with autism. They are often bothered by fluorescent lighting and these give an overall soft blue glow to my classroom. Very calming!

Fluoresent light covers

5 stars
On my first day of school, I noticed that my first grade teacher had the light covers over her lights. I fell in love with them and knew that I needed them for my room. Teaching special education, I thought it was important to have dim light for my kiddos in the class. My students seem to love the dimmer light and say that it is more comfortable for their eyes and I would have to agree.

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