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For other classroom supplies, Kaplan offers organization stations, recycle containers, storage trays, utensils, and more.

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Image of UVC LED Sanitizer and Dryer Ultra™
UVC LED Sanitizer and Dryer Ultra™
Item: 300955
Status: In Stock
Amazing UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer Ultra™ cleans more than bottles -- sippy cups, stuffed animals, electronic devices, and more. Unit is equipped with the newest mercury-free UVC LED bulbs to kill 99.9% of household bacteria. Easily sterilize bottles, toys, electronics, and more with this sanitizer and dryer.  Sanitizer size is 10.5"L x 14.5"W x 16"H.<br />  <br /> <br />  
Image of Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer
Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer
Item: 300527
Status: In Stock
Take the guess work out of warming bottles and food jars while preserving valuable nutrients. This unique bottle warmer has two settings to ensure bottles are safely heated to the right temperature.  There is a Steady Warm for breast milk to preserve its nutrients and a second Quick Warm setting for formula and baby food. Features automatic shut off to prevent overheating.
Image of Teacher Planner
Teacher Planner
Item: 300336
Status: In Stock
Organize your schedule in the latest fashion with this chic 128 page wire-bound  teacher planner. Includes yearly planning, monthly planning, weekly planning, notes, communication logs, double-page checklists, graph sheets, 16 tab stickers, 9 to-do list stickers, and 21 accent stickers. Measures 11"L x 8.5"W.
Image of Ultra Laundry Basket
Ultra Laundry Basket
Item: 19085
Status: In Stock
Ultra Laundry Basket features a square design that occupies less floor space. The basket offers durable construction and comfortable handles that make transporting clothes to and from the laundry room easy. Features comfort grip handles. Measures 19"L x 19"W x 13.875"H. Color may vary.
Image of Con-Tact® Repositionable Clear Adhesive Paper
Con-Tact® Repositionable Clear Adhesive Paper
Item: 31614-CL
Status: In Stock
Decorate, cover, and protect your shelves and drawers with this Con-Tact® Brand adhesive paper . Simply roll out the amount you need, then cut, peel, and stick the adhesive to your desired surfaces. Not only is this roll easy to clean but it easy to remove when you're ready for a new color. Use this in your classroom or home to prevent spills from staining your hard surfaces. This roll is also great for design purposes or as adhesive. Multi-use 50'L x 18"W rolls.
Image of Step To Open Wastebasket - 11 Gallon
Step To Open Wastebasket - 11 Gallon
Item: 80403
Status: In Stock
Conveniently throw your trash away with this durable 11 gallon Easy Step To Open Wastebasket for Use in Home and Classroom. This wastebasket holds large trash bags and stores waste from many activities. The attached lid can easily be removed. If your hands or full, simply press the large step with your foot to open the top without using your hands. Great for diapers too. Measures 12.5"W x 25.5"H x 16"L.
Image of Block Labels - 85 Dark Brown, Adhesive, Precut Labels
Block Labels - 85 Dark Brown, Adhesive, Precut Labels
Item: 87838
Status: In Stock
Utilizing block shelf labels to organize the block area allows children to clearly and confidently interact with all the block area has to offer. It also helps children develop organizational skills as they put away blocks and match them to the correct label. The simple and specific block shelf labels complement all block sets, are visually appealing, and invite children into the space. Includes 85 dark brown, adhesive, precut labels. Surface clean labels with warm water and mild soap.
Image of Duracell® Procell Alkaline Batteries
Duracell® Procell Alkaline Batteries
Item: 26435P
Status: In Stock
$18.95 - $34.95
These Duracell® Procell batteries offer dependable, long-lasting power and meet the standards of durability and longevity that users demand and expect. All Procell batteries contain no added mercury and are rated for reliable operation in extremes from -4 degrees F to 129 degrees F. Great for use in: Toys, Calculators, Clocks, Radios, Portable Electronics, Wireless Mice and Keyboards, Remote Controls, and Flashlights. Made in the USA.
Image of Laundry Basket
Laundry Basket
Item: 37250
Status: In Stock
Sturdy white plastic rectangular laundry basket includes contoured grip surfaces for ease of carrying. Oval hole patterns allow air flow and added ventilation. Measures 24"L x 17.38"W x 10.38"H.
Image of Self-Adhesive Pocket Labels - Set of 25
Self-Adhesive Pocket Labels - Set of 25
Item: 27917P
Status: In Stock
$27.95 - $29.95
Each self-adhesive pocket includes a blank card for personalization. They adhere to bins, cots, coat lockers or anywhere you need to define the contents or a show a child's name. Set of 25 labels. Bin and manipulatives are not included. Choose between two sizes.
Image of Growth Chart - 4'H x 8.5"W
Growth Chart - 4'H x 8.5"W
Item: 90160
Status: In Stock
This colorful growth chart allows children to keep track of their growth and see how tall they are while encouraging them to feel a sense of pride and esteem. The colorful presence of the chart makes it the perfect addition to any classroom wall decor for the entirety of the year. Sturdy and protected classroom chart is generously sized at 4'H x 8.5"W.
Image of Outdoor Clipboards - Set of 3
Outdoor Clipboards - Set of 3
Item: 62160
Status: In Stock
Flexible, weather-resistant clipboards with a handy paper storage pocket on the back -- perfect for outdoor journaling, map drawing, or creative expression. Set of 3.
Image of Quiet Chair Socks - Anti Noise and Scratch
Quiet Chair Socks - Anti Noise and Scratch
Item: 22368P
Status: In Stock
$10.95 - $259.95
A "cool" way to spruce up your classroom while cutting down on noise. Just slip these socks on the legs of your chairs and instantly transform your room. No more scratched floors! Available in a set of 4 socks for one chair, 24 socks for 6 chairs, and a set of 96 sliders for 24 chairs.
Image of Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters  - Blue
Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters - Blue
Item: 31136
Status: In Stock
These lightly patterned light filters provide an effective and convenient solution to tone down harsh glares creating a more calming environment. Panels are made from heat-resistant fabric featuring magnetic corners that easily attach to standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures. For use with fluorescent lights only. Panels measure 2' x 4'. Included: 2 Blue Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters.
Image of Curriculum Tracking Stickers
Curriculum Tracking Stickers
Item: 28775
Status: In Stock
Set of 1144 stickers are 0.375" each in diameter and come in 8 colors: black, yellow, blue, red, green, pink, purple, and light green.
Image of Book Bags - Set of 10
Book Bags - Set of 10
Item: 47597
Status: In Stock
Store books, tapes, and CDs in these carry bags with snap-lock handles. 13.5"D x 10"W. Set of 10. Book Rack sold separately (item # 47697). Books and contents are not included.
Image of Washable Mesh Storage Bags
Washable Mesh Storage Bags
Item: 28716P
Status: In Stock
$7.95 - $46.95
Expand your storage and organizing options with this durable Washable Mesh Storage Bags for Gym Clothes, Balls, Books, and More! With this mesh bag storing materials for indoor and outdoor use is made easier. This set is great for washing classroom manipulatives and or small toys. This bag should not be used for play. The drawstring is not suitable for children. Measures 18"L x 24"W. Available individually or in a set of 6.
Image of Clip & Drip Hanger with 16 Clips
Clip & Drip Hanger with 16 Clips
Item: 29364
Status: In Stock
Use to hang placemats, art, clothing and much more! Includes 16 clips and measures 12." x 15." x 13.5".
Image of Pencil Number 2 - 144 Count
Pencil Number 2 - 144 Count
Item: 99889
Status: In Stock
Number 2 pencil
Image of Wide Non-Slip Step Stool with Handle
Wide Non-Slip Step Stool with Handle
Item: 85687
Status: In Stock
Help your child reach new heights with this Sturdy Plastic Multipurpose Wide Non-Slip Step Stool with Carry Handle. Children will love being able to reach counter space to brush their teeth, help with cooking, to paint, and more! Go over stepper safety with children before use. Step stool features a wide stepping surface, non-slip rings on bottom, non-slip surface and convenient carry handle. Colors may vary. Measures 9.25"H x 12.25"W x 17.5"L.
Image of Ball Point Pens
Ball Point Pens
Item: 13227
Status: In Stock
These pens are medium point with black ink. 12 pens per box.
Image of Recordable Answer Buzzers - Set of 4
Recordable Answer Buzzers - Set of 4
Item: 37002
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Come up with your own fun buzzer sounds! Record silly messages, words, sounds, or music-the possibilities are endless! Record up to 7 seconds per buzzer. Just tap, record, tap, and listen! Includes recordable buzzers in 4 different colors and Activity Guide. Each buzzer measures 3.5'' in diameter and requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.
Image of Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Roll
Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Roll
Item: 47819
Status: In Stock
Stick-N-Stay Tape provides a double-sided adhesive solution to safely place items on walls, doors, hallways and more without damaging paint or surface. Use this convenient tape to easily adhere and display artwork, posters, and more. Roll measures 4" W x 25' L.
Image of Stikki Wax Combo Pack
Stikki Wax Combo Pack
Item: 30293
Status: In Stock
You will find 100's of uses for this combo pack of 30 clips and 6 stick of wax. The unique adhesive sticks to any surface and can be removed and reused again and again without damage to surfaces.