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  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
    Electric Pencil Sharpener
    • Item Number: 46737
    • In Stock
    Automatic pencil stop provides quick point without over sharpening. Adjustable dial accommodates both primary and standard pencils. 10 year warranty.
  • Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Roll
    Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Roll
    • Item Number: 47819
    • In Stock
    Stick-N-Stay Tape provides a double-sided adhesive solution to safely place items on walls, doors, hallways and more without damaging paint or surface. Use this convenient tape to easily adhere and display artwork, posters, and more. Roll measures 4" W x 25' L.
  • Growth Chart (4'H x 8 1/2"W)
    Growth Chart (4'H x 8 1/2"W)
    • Item Number: 90160
    • In Stock
    This colorful growth chart allows children to keep track of their growth and see how tall they are while encouraging them to feel a sense of pride and esteem. The colorful presence of the chart makes it the perfect addition to any classroom wall decor for the entirety of the year. Sturdy and protected classroom chart is generously sized at 4'H x 8 1/2"W and matches our All About Me Journal (item #89829).
  • Ultra Laundry Basket
    Ultra Laundry Basket
    • Item Number: 19085
    • In Stock
    Ultra Laundry Basket features a square design that occupies less floor space. The basket offers durable construction and comfortable handles that make transporting clothes to and from the laundry room easy. Features comfort grip handles. Measures 19"L x 19"W x 13 7/8"H.
  • Step On Wastebasket
    Step On Wastebasket
    • Item Number: 80403
    • In Stock
    44 quart wastebasket holds large trash bags. Attached lid easily removes. Press large step with your foot to open the top without using your hands. Great for diapers too. Measures 12 1/2"W x 25 1/2"H x 16"L.
  • Spray Bottles - Set Of 5
    Spray Bottles - Set Of 5
    • Item Number: 60490
    • In Stock
    Our spray bottles are the perfect size for little hands to hold. Perfect for paints, food coloring and watercolor powder paint. The easy squeeze nozzle adjusts from a fine mist to a stream. Each bottle holds 8 ounces. Color may vary. Paint sold separately.
  • Leakproof Spray Bottle (32 ounces)
    Leakproof Spray Bottle (32 ounces)
    • Item Number: 70241
    • In Stock
    Spray bottle is reusable with chemical resistant leakproof polypropylene spray trigger nozzle. Trigger can be adjusted to spray most thin liquids in a fine, medium, or hard mist. Holds 32 ounces.
  • White Copy Paper - 1 Ream
    White Copy Paper - 1 Ream
    • Item Number: 18176
    • In Stock
    One ream of 20 lb. white copy paper. 500 sheets.
  • Book Bags (Set of 10)
    Book Bags (Set of 10)
    • Item Number: 47597
    • In Stock
    Store books, tapes, and CDs in these carry bags with snap-lock handles. 13 1/2"D x 10"W. Set of 10. Book Rack sold separately (item # 47697). Books and contents are not included.
  • Pencil Number 2 - 144 Count
    Pencil Number 2 - 144 Count
    • Item Number: 99889
    • In Stock
    Number 2 pencil
  • Curriculum Tracking Stickers
    Curriculum Tracking Stickers
    • Item Number: 28775
    • In Stock
    Set of 1144 stickers are 3/8" each in diameter and come in 8 colors: black, yellow, blue, red, green, pink, purple, and light green.
  • Chairback Buddy
    Chairback Buddy
    • Item Number: 92020P
    • In Stock
    A great way to keep supplies organized and within reach! Slips over the back of most preschool and early elementary chairs for extra storage and convenience. Heavy-duty, washable canvas has PVC coating for added durability. 15" wide x 19" high x 2" deep, fits seat back up to 30" around, measured 6" from the top.
  • Washable Mesh Storage Bag
    Washable Mesh Storage Bag
    • Item Number: 12644
    • In Stock
    Great for washing manipulatives! It's a great storage bag too! This bag is not a toy because of drawstring. Please keep out of children's reach. 18" x 24".
  • Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters  - Blue
    Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters - Blue
    • Item Number: 31136
    • In Stock
    These lightly patterned light filters provide an effective and convenient solution to tone down harsh glares creating a more calming environment. Panels are made from heat-resistant fabric featuring magnetic corners that easily attach to standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures. For use with fluorescent lights only. Panels measure 2' x 4'. Included: 2 Blue Patterned Fluorescent Light Filters.
  • Refrigerator Thermometer
    Refrigerator Thermometer
    • Item Number: 93877
    • In Stock
    2" dial zoned with specific applications and HACCP guidelines for freezing, deep chill refrigeration and dry storage. Temp. range is 20 F to 80 F and -30 C to 30 C.
  • Standard Staples (5000 per box)
    Standard Staples (5000 per box)
    • Item Number: 47886
    • In Stock
    5000 staples per box.
  • Washable Mesh Storage Bags (Set of 6)
    Washable Mesh Storage Bags (Set of 6)
    • Item Number: 84723
    • In Stock
    Great for washing manipulatives and storage. This bag is not a toy. Because of drawstring, please keep out of childrens reach. 18" x 24". Manipulatives not included.
  • Jumbo Paper Clips
    Jumbo Paper Clips
    • Item Number: 18569
    • In Stock
    Box of 100 jumbo paper clips.
  • Notebook Filler Paper - 200 Sheets
    Notebook Filler Paper - 200 Sheets
    • Item Number: 18950
    • In Stock
    One pack of wide-ruled notebook filler paper, three-hole punched for use in any standard three-ring binder or folder. Red margin, blue rules. Sturdy 16 lb. construction. 200 sheets measure 8" x 10.5".
  • Clip & Drip Hanger with 16 Clips
    Clip & Drip Hanger with 16 Clips
    • Item Number: 29364
    • In Stock
    Use to hang placemats, art, clothing and much more! Includes 16 clips and measures 12.38" x 15.88" x 13.5".
  • Desktop Stapler
    Desktop Stapler
    • Item Number: 99888
    • In Stock
    Stapler features a sturdy black plastic body with metal feeder to prevent jamming. The rotating anvil provides stapling or pinning, and features a nonskid base. It can staple up to 20 sheets capacity and hold 210 staples (1/4" staple size).
  • Reward Sticker Bus
    Reward Sticker Bus
    • Item Number: 83623
    • In Stock
    800 reward stickers in a school bus dispenser. Words like Fantastic, Great, and Wow will show parents and students how proud you are of their work or behavior.
  • Carpet Adhesive Roll
    Carpet Adhesive Roll
    • Item Number: 47880
    • In Stock
    Secure rugs and carpets to all floor surfaces safely. One roll secures all size rugs up to 9' x 12'. 6"W x 25 foot roll.
  • Clip & Drip Hanger with 8 Clips
    Clip & Drip Hanger with 8 Clips
    • Item Number: 29363
    • In Stock
    Use to hang placemats, art, clothing and much more! Includes 8 clips and measures 13.13" x 13.13" x 8".

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