Wired To Move - Paperback

Wired To Move - Paperback
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Learn what makes boys tick (and run and jump and yell), and discover how to actively engage the boys in your early childhood classroom with simple effective strategies that support boys' learning. Using the latest brain research to explore and explain the differences in how boys and girls learn, 'Wired to Move' provides early childhood educators with facts and strategies to actively engage boys in an early childhood setting. It addresses the unique needs of African-American and Hispanic or Latino boys while offering guidance for encouraging family engagement and parent participation. Filled with practical strategies that teachers can easily implement in even the stickiest situations, it includes numerous resources including book lists, websites, and parent handouts to further assist parents and educators create a "boy-friendly" environment. Paperback.168 pages.

Nurturing African American Boys in Preschool→

Learn how you can help African American boys in preschool reach their full potential in school and in life with this Insights and Inspirations article.

In this free webinar, Wired to Move author Ruth Hanford Morhard presents "Boys, boys, boys: Why they're falling behind and what to do about it." Watch and join our Classroom Management for Early Learning community for a free CE certificate.

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