LAP™-3 Kit

LAP™-3 Kit
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The Learning Accomplishment Profile Third Edition (LAP™-3) provides a systematic method for observing the skill development of any child functioning in the 36 to 72-month age range, including children with disabilities. The LAP™-3 Kit contains most materials necessary for assessing 20 children. Includes scoring sheets for summarizing results three times in one year.

  • Criterion-referenced, ongoing observational assessment
  • Replaces the LAP™-R as an on-going assessment that meets Head Start performance standards
  • Building on 35 years of research and knowledge
  • Incorporates most recent findings in early childhood practices (most recent research in 2003)
  • Covers seven domains - Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Pre-writing, Cognitive, Language, Self-Help, and Personal/Social
  • Measures progress in children 36-72 months of age

For professional development options, call 1-800-334-2014 ext. 3252 or request more information.

Learning Accomplishment Profile-Third Edition (LAP™-3)


This training offers basic instruction on the correct administration, scoring, and interpretation of results for the Learning Accomplishment Profile™, 3rd edition. Participants will receive training necessary to use the assessment as an instructional tool. During this training, participants will:

  • Learn consistent standards and procedures for administering LAP™-3
  • Receive training to correctly complete all the information on a LAP™-3 Scoring Booklet
  • Be given opportunities for hands-on experiences with the LAP™-3 instrument and experience with administration, scoring, and instructional planning based on assessment results
  • Become familiar with the interpretation of the LAP™-3 scores and their use in individualizing instruction and evaluation of program effectiveness


The Participant will:

  • Describe the role of the LAP™-3 within a comprehensive assessment program
  • Explore the contents of an LAP™-3 kit
  • Practice the procedures for calculating chronological age and identifying a starting point for each of the seven domains that the instrument measures
  • Practice establishing a basal and a ceiling for each domain of the instrument
  • Complete the LAP™-3 Profile using results
  • Describe how to use the results to inform planning for children
  • [Optional] Administer at least one domain to another participant, correctly calculating chronological age, locating a starting point, establishing a basal and a ceiling, completing the LAP™-3 Profile based upon information presented during the session

For professional development options, call 1-800-334-2014 ext. 3252 or request more information.

Great product for Developmental Testing

4 stars
I love the ease of use in the Lap3. Having used Lap for over 10 years I have been very pleased. i recently purchased this kit for my daycare that I currently direct. The only suggestion I have would be for the company to have storage bags for smaller parts and puzzles. Those things that didn't come with a bag I placed in Ziplocs to keep from loosing parts. I love that it has been put in a rolling duffle bag and not a tote as it used to be!

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