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Shine 2-in-1 Tablet Solution

The Shine 2-in-1 Tablet Solution

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The Shine 2-in-1 Tablet Solution is a versatile Windows 10 touchscreen computer. When you put the Shine 2-in-1 Tablet in students' hands, you've begun a process that will forever change their lives and their teachers' lives as well. The 12-inch Shine 2-in-1 Tablet gives students unprecedented access to education materials, while also making it fun to engage students in deeper scientific exploration and learning in new and interesting ways. The new Shine 2-in-1 Tablet is loaded with our Kaplan Exclusive Software so children can enjoy while they learn.

The Shine 2-in-1 Tablet is built durable for education. The touchscreen is 10-point multi-touch. The battery life has been increased to average up to 11 hours which supports students' whole day usage of learning and having fun.

What's Included

Modern Features that Empower Students:

Ruggedized Features and Ultra-Mobility:

Kaplan Exclusive Software

What makes the Shine 2-in-1 Tablet must-have asset in the classroom is our exclusive "Shine Explorations" software. The 10 Explorations available on the Shine 2-in-1 Tablet give children the opportunity to explore their natural curiosity and creativity instead of the typical linear play featured on most early childhood software. Each activity was designed with Head Start Objectives and Kindergarten Common Core standards in mind to ensure that children are appropriately engaged and learning in the classroom.*

About The 10 Explorations:

* Kaplan's exclusive software is not specifically authorized, approved, or endorsed by Head Start or Common Core regulatory bodies.

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