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Image of Color Crystal Blocks with Activity Cards - Set of 25
Color Crystal Blocks with Activity Cards - Set of 25
Item: 301249
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This Color Crystal Block Set with Activity Cards can help children learn to fit shapes together and expand their understanding of spatial relationships, geometric vocabulary, and color recognition. This transparent acrylic block set features 17 different regular and irregular shapes in 5 translucent colors. These manipulatives will also spring to life when used with a light panel or in front of a sunlit window. The blocks create colorful streams of light and eccentric shadows.… More »
Image of Spaghetteez Flexible Construction & Building Set
Spaghetteez Flexible Construction & Building Set
Item: 300442P
Status: In Stock
$40.95 - $74.95
4 years & up. Set creativity free with the Spaghetteez Flexible Construction & Building Set! Spaghetteez are soft, flexible building sticks that easily click together to make colorful creations. Spaghetteez develop fine motor skills, encourage 3D insight, and stimulate creative thinking. Spaghetteez also make great fidget toys because they bend and twist without making noise. Set contains soft craft sticks in different lengths and colors (the longest stick is 12"), various accessories… More »
Image of Snap and Stack Thistle Blocks - 220 Pieces
Snap and Stack Thistle Blocks - 220 Pieces
Item: 300585
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
18 months & up. Encourage creative play, tactile exploration, and open-ended building using the Snap and Stack Thistle Block set. Children can easily fit the durable plastic bristles together to create satisfying connections and construct anything their imagination can inspire. A variety of pieces will help children develop color and shape recognition as well as size relationships and pattern building. This 220-piece set allows for large builds independently or collaboratively.