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Image of Butterfly Farm with Voucher
Butterfly Farm with Voucher
Item: 300990
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close with the Butterfly Farm. Each Butterfly Farm kit comes with a voucher that you can redeem to receive 5 baby caterpillars, their food, and a Chrysalis Holding Log™. After you transition the caterpillars to the Butterfly Farm, watch them go from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly! Please note that live caterpillars can only be shipped to destinations within the Continental US and Alaska. Caterpillars cannot… More »
Image of Garden Buddies Plush - Set of 3
Garden Buddies Plush - Set of 3
Item: 301091
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
2 years & up. Encourage an interest in science with the Garden Buddies Plush Set! Help children learn about different types of bugs, their characteristics, habitats, and behaviors with this set of 3 cute and cuddly critters; Inchy Inchworm, Vinnie the Banana Slug, and Lavern Slug. For children who may feel fearful or apprehensive about insects, playing with the Garden Buddies Plush may help desensitize their fear and promote a more positive attitude towards these creatures. Each Garden Buddy… More »
Image of Carry and Discover Magnification Containers - Set of 2
Carry and Discover Magnification Containers - Set of 2
Item: 300786
Status: Pre-Order Now
18 months & up. Carry and Discover Magnification Containers are the ultimate adventure companion for children. Children can collect and closely observe natural materials, special treasures, and interesting specimens. A completely clear container and a magnifying top enhance possibilities for scientific discovery and nature-based exploration. Use this set of stacking, easy-to-clean containers during experimentation with wet and dry materials.