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  • When I Grow Up STEM Series Civil Engineer
    When I Grow Up STEM Series Civil Engineer
    • Item Number: 63178
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. The civil engineer STEM kit offers hands on learning experiences that encourage children to build, analyze, and revise multiple engineering projects and ideas. Bridge and building blueprints as well as fundamental materials are included that will encourage children to evaluate the efficiency of different building materials, create new concepts, and plan effective designs. Additional projects are suggested on the challenge cards as well as extended ideas, tips, and discussion topics… More »
  • When I Grow Up STEM Series Archaeologist
    When I Grow Up STEM Series Archaeologist
    • Item Number: 63177
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. This complete archaeologist STEM kit offers over 40 archaeologist materials including tools, artifacts, and uniform, including a safari hat (measures 4.5"H x 10.95"W x 9.90"L). Children can step into the role of scientist when they participate in a small scale dig using the shovel and rake to find items such as bones, plate pieces, and fossils. The grid and grid numbers help children as they chart and record the items into the artifact journal. Continue the journey… More »
  • When I Grow Up STEM Series Environmental Scientist
    When I Grow Up STEM Series Environmental Scientist
    • Item Number: 63179
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Children will learn to observe, study, and protect the environment with the environmental scientist STEM kit. Multiple hands-on experiments and learning activities are included, along with all the necessary materials. Children will be inspired to test water samples, collect a variety of nature samples, study pollution, and more. A variety of air, water, and land experiences are suggested on the included challenge cards. Additional tips, facts, and interactive topics are suggested… More »
  • Kaplan Classroom Science Set
    Kaplan Classroom Science Set
    • Item Number: 62837
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. As children study and practice science, provide them with opportunities to approach problems in different ways. The open-ended, hands-on materials in this kit help make the crucial repetition of concepts engaging, promote inquiry and investigation, and invite students to explore everything from color mixing to the properties of magnetism. Aligns with State Standards.
  • Elementary School Site Pack
    Elementary School Site Pack
    • Item Number: 25520
    • In Stock
    Elementary students will participate in 17 fun-filled, hands-on, sequential lessons as they explore the basic scientific principles associated with the growing cycle. Teacher's manual and student workbooks provide structure and standards-based learning opportunities. Also includes 1 Ready-to-Grow kit (1 EarthBox, potting mix, fertilizer, dolomite and casters).

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