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Child Development

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Image of All About The ECERS-R™ - Book
All About The ECERS-R™ - Book
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Step by step instruction on how to design a quality day care environment. Should be used side by side with ECERS-R™, the scale used to develop and quantify quality standards in the USA, Canada and abroad. Includes The How, What and Why for each indicator, seven sub-scale items, step-by-step instructions, and over 700 color photos. 441 pages.
Image of Nemours® Reading BrightStart! Milestone Map - Set of 20
Nemours® Reading BrightStart! Milestone Map - Set of 20
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This full-color illustrated poster addresses parents' and teachers' concerns about children's reading readiness and progress. Includes milestones and warning signs indicating that children might be at risk for reading challenges from birth through age six. By tracking children with this simple map, parents can be sure their children are keeping up with their peers, and intercede if they begin to notice warning signs. Available in English and Spanish. Set of 20 maps.