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Image of Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench
Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench
Item: 30000
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Tap the balls on top with the toy hammer and listen to the melodies as they roll down or pull the xylophone out and tap directly on the keys to make your own melody. Promotes fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Made of wood, water-based paint, PA, and metal. Exposes little ones to music for the first time. Measures 9.4"L x 5.3"W x 5.9"H.
Image of TinkerTar Tiger Guitar
TinkerTar Tiger Guitar
Item: 301034
Status: In Stock
The TinkerTar Tiger Guitar is the easiest way to introduce children to the enchanting world of music! The 1-string guitar is the ideal beginner instrument to ignite a passion for music and foster creativity. Children will build confidence and develop essential fine motor skills as they work from simple to more challenging songs. The Kaplan TinkerTar Tiger Guitar includes an exclusive easy-to-follow teacher guide written by music teachers to make playing the guitar and teaching children music simple… More »
Image of Musical Wooden Marble Tree
Musical Wooden Marble Tree
Item: 37780
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Invite children to experiment with sound using the Musical Wooden Marble Tree! Encourage children to hypothesize as they drop a marble at the top of the tree and listen to the beautiful, acoustic tones each branch produces. This musical toy enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children grip each marble and visually track the path down the tree. Includes four glass marbles. Marble Tree measures 6.3"L x 6.3"W x 14.6"H.
Image of Chilean Rain Stick 20"
Chilean Rain Stick 20"
Item: 33009
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Northern Chile is home to the world's driest desert, where the rain stick is believed to originate. Rain Sticks are made from long, hollow cactus tubes that were dried in the sun. Let children experience the sound and rhythms from Chile with this 20" Chilean Rainstick. This is a natural product and appearance may vary.
Image of Band In A Box
Band In A Box
Item: 12774
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Little musicians can form a traveling band with this compact wooden music set. Featuring fun musical pieces, this quality kit is the perfect way to introduce youngsters to musical play. Pieces include a colorfully designed pair of maracas, hand cymbals, tambourine, triangle and two other wooden noisemakers. Every piece fits conveniently into a sturdy wooden storage crate. Measures 3"H x 11"W x 14.7"L packaged. Includes: Colorful Pair of Maracas, 2 Hand Cymbals, Tambourine,… More »
Image of Musical Scarves & Physical Activity CD Set
Musical Scarves & Physical Activity CD Set
Item: 48086
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. These scarves and music CD activities encourage creative and musical expression, imaginative play, color recognition, gross motor skills, and collaborative work. Children will love waving their bright-colored scarves through the air as they follow along to an activity or freestyle. These activities also address tactile, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic skills. Set includes individual and group activities, 12 scarves, and 1 CD.
Image of Red Flame Children's First Guitar
Red Flame Children's First Guitar
Item: 147063
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Get strumming on this vibrant red guitar! This beautifully-made, stringed instrument is a cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele and is precisely tuned for perfect sound. Ideal for beginners with little hands.Comes with some music sheets to help kids get started playing songs. Size: 25.67"L x 8.43"W x 2.36"H.
Image of Glockenspiel Instrument
Glockenspiel Instrument
Item: 89547
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce a new instrument to your classroom music collection with this Bright Colored Glockenspiel Instrument for Music and Rhythm Learning. This unique bell set features letter names on each colored bar, accurately pitched with a diatonic range from C2 to C3. This instrument promotes dexterity and color recognition. Encourage your children to follow along to a rhythm or to create their own unique sounds. The corners are rounded for safety. Pair of mallets included.
Image of My Audio Pet Bluetooth® Speakers 5
My Audio Pet Bluetooth® Speakers 5
Item: 33272P
Status: In Stock
Sound beyond size from your new classroom friend! Use Bluetooth® connectivity to pair a phone, tablet or PC to stream music with enough volume for everyone to enjoy. Connect multiple Audio Pets for sound that's big enough for even the largest of rooms! Use your new friend to upgrade story time with background sounds or even a dramatic reading. Download the "Hide and Speak" (available on iTunes & Google Play) and use your pet to play a game of hide and seek or practice speech development… More »
Image of Child's Wooden Blue Ukulele
Child's Wooden Blue Ukulele
Item: 147714
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. All of your favorite songs can be played through this magical wooden instrument! Each string is made of nylon and is able to be tuned. This is the ideal instrument for the budding rock star in your life. When cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth, do not run under water. Paints are safety and quality tested. Measures 21.1"L x 2.6"W x 7.1"H.
Image of Chiquita Maracas - 6 Pairs
Chiquita Maracas - 6 Pairs
Item: 63491
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. These little egg-shaped maracas have a soft and delicate sound. The handle is easy to grip and perfectly sized for children's hands providing maximum playing ease. These brightly colored maracas are perfect for introducing rhythm and sound for sensory learning in the classroom. Encourage children to develop their own beats or follow along with a rhythm you create. Includes six pairs in two bright colors. Approximately 5" long. Colors may vary.
Image of Concertina
Item: 32569
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Little hands slide into the blue straps, and then play away. As the Concertina is squeezed in and out, different notes and pitches play and stimulate children's spatial perception in relation to melodies. Measures 7.9"L x 3.9"W x 3.9H.
Image of 6" Brass Cymbals - Pair
6" Brass Cymbals - Pair
Item: 31007
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Teach children about rhythm and the basics of music with fun cymbals that are perfect for little beginners. Wooden handles make these 6" cymbals easy to play while producing a good, quality sound. This cymbal set is perfect for learning at home or in schools. The set includes two durable cymbals.
Image of Musical Washboard
Musical Washboard
Item: 63204
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce the power of music to children! A musical washboard is a wonderful sound effect to add to your music center. Perfect for producing rhythm effects for all styles of music. Ridged metal playing surface, in a wood frame 18" L x 8.5"W. Set includes one rhythm stick for strumming.
Image of Ella Jenkins Multicultrual CDs - Set of 3
Ella Jenkins Multicultrual CDs - Set of 3
Item: 37974
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Adventures in rhythm, songs and chants. Set of 3 CDs includes popular songs of culture, rhythm, and multicultural music. Titles may vary.
Image of Basic Natural Wooden Instrument Set
Basic Natural Wooden Instrument Set
Item: 31002
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce children to the power of music! This natural wood set is perfect for a small group or as a starter rhythm set to build upon. The wood features on the instruments bring whimsical elements into small group music sessions. Included are 6 differing musical instruments that bring in different qualities: a jingle stick, wooden castanet clapper, pair of 8" rhythm sticks, pair of tap taps, guiro shaker with scraper, and a jute bag for storage.
Image of Sing, Learn and Play Everyday CD Collection
Sing, Learn and Play Everyday CD Collection
Item: 30503
Status: In Stock
250 songs to use everyday stored in an accordion style box to make your favorite CD easily accessible. Theme songs include morning songs, farm, alphabet, numbers, science, animal, birthday, playtime, bathtime, good morning, silly songs, number songs, nursery rhymes, classical and more. 20 CD set.
Image of The Complete Book and CD of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays and Chants
The Complete Book and CD of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays and Chants
Item: 81421
Status: In Stock
This best selling book comes with 2 CD's featuring 50 songs. Children will build a strong foundation in skills such as listening, imagination, coordination, and spatial and body awareness. Accompanying songs are sure to get children up and moving! 500 pages.
Image of Music for Baby CDs - Set of 3
Music for Baby CDs - Set of 3
Item: 300690
Status: In Stock
These music selections are based on brain development research. Volumes include classical and traditional folk music arranged for children, plus instrumental versions of well-known lullabies and nursery rhymes.