Alphabet Knowledge

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Chalkboard-Based Alphabet & Number Puzzles
Chalkboard-Based Alphabet & Number Puzzles
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3 years & up. Encourage children to practice early handwriting and number formation, while reinforcing letter and number recognition, with these Chalkboard-Based Alphabet & Number Puzzles! Each puzzle consists of a chalkboard base with tracers and indented spaces, allowing the child to practice printing letters or numbers without "going out of the lines." Use the indented spaces to trace the shapes of the letters or numbers with their fingers, or use a piece of chalk to print,… More »
Alphabet Affirmation Cards
Alphabet Affirmation Cards
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3 years & up. Encourage children to develop a positive sense of self and healthy social and emotional mindset with the Alphabet Affirmation Cards. Each card is made to mirror different skin tones, has a unique design with a positive affirmation and letter of the alphabet written boldly. The cards are have a matte finish and rounded corners. Each card measures 5"L x 4"W. Includes 26 alphabet cards and 1 instruction card.