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Gross Motor, Active & Outdoor Play

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Image of Timber Tots Log Climber
Timber Tots Log Climber
Item: 300482
Status: In Stock
8 months & up. An appropriately sized, soft climber encourages infants and toddlers to practice their budding balance and coordination skills in a safe, exploratory environment. The nature-inspired pieces in the Timber Tots Log Climber set encourage crawling, climbing, and gross motor development for young learners. The soft-sided tunnel and half-tunnel shapes allow for stacking and rolling as well, enhancing possibilities for continued exploration. Measures 26" x 24".
Image of Bilibo
Item: 22118-MT
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Bilibo's unique conic shell shape and bright colors immediately appeal to children of all ages who will intuitively create games. Developed by Zurich University's children's hospital to engage imagination and stimulate the senses and encourage creativity. Use indoors and out, right side up and upside down. Color may vary. Bilibo measures 15.5"L x 15.5"W x 8.6"H.
Image of ExerSaucer® Movin' & Groovin' Bouncing Activity Saucer
ExerSaucer® Movin' & Groovin' Bouncing Activity Saucer
Item: 300699
Status: In Stock
4 - 12 months. Increase gross motor skills with this 360 degree spinning seat activity saucer. Features include a unique rocking base and more than 12 activities promoting hand-eye coordination while exploring cause and effect. Adaptable with 3 different seat heights. Machine washable pad in cold water and tumble dry low heat. Weight limit 26 lbs.
Image of Look at Me Photo Display
Look at Me Photo Display
Item: 300485
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Enhance visual discovery and social-emotional development during tummy time and floor activities with the Look at Me Photo Display. The curved, soft-sided unit features places for inserted photos on the sides and top, encouraging children to pull themselves up to view each interesting picture. Insert high-contrast photos, pictures of recognizable people or animals, or a variety of colors and shapes to create visual interest and intrigue infants and toddlers. Includes 3 sections that… More »
Image of Wooden Hippopotamus Ride-On
Wooden Hippopotamus Ride-On
Item: 300420
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Take your toddler on their very first outing on this Wooden Hippopotamus Ride-On! The brightly colored Hippo Ride-On is ideal for developing your child's motor and balance skills from as early as 12 months old. Featuring a storage box in the front, little ones will delight in taking their favorite toys or lovey along for the ride while discovering the world around them. Wooden Ride-On features a long foam seat with yellow imitation leather, silicon textured handles that match… More »
Image of Tummy Time Reflection Cube
Tummy Time Reflection Cube
Item: 300484
Status: Pre-Order Now
3 months & up. Enhance the possibilities for early discovery and sensory development with a safe, soft Tummy Time Reflection Cube. This unique foldable activity center provides a chance for very young children to observe reflections from various angles, explore different shapes and colors, and develop self-awareness. Use closed and open during tummy time and seated activities. Measures 11.5"W x 11.5"H x 11.5"D.
Image of Nesting Cottage Climber
Nesting Cottage Climber
Item: 300486
Status: Pre-Order Now
8 months & up. An appropriately sized, soft climber encourages infants and toddlers to practice their budding balance and coordination skills in a safe, exploratory environment. Encourage children to crawl through and climb over the soft-sided, cushioned pieces of the Nesting Cottage Climber. Children can also engage in gross motor activities, stacking the nesting pieces in different, interesting ways. Measures 22" x 22" x 28".