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Fine Motor

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Image of Weebles My Smart House
Weebles My Smart House
Item: 300795
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Let children run their own home with the Weebles My Smart House! With Luca and Remi, children can do a variety of things in the house, including flip off the bed, wobble along the balcony, or ride in the outdoor swing set. A smart speaker with over 30 sounds and songs heightens the level of sensory play, as children can accompany the Weebles' actions with sounds. Also, the fine motor skills that children will develop while having all this fun will benefit them as they get older!… More »
Image of Weebles My Happy Camper
Weebles My Happy Camper
Item: 300764
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Take Bailey and Alex on the perfect camping trip with the Weebles My Happy Camper! This camper set develops fine motor skills and engages children in imaginative play and role play by giving them everything they need to create a pretend-play camping scenario, including a swinging hammock, a sliding car seat, teeter-totter logs, and a grill. The set also has lights, sounds, and songs that will further enrich children's play experiences! Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.
Image of Snap and Stack Thistle Blocks - 220 Pieces
Snap and Stack Thistle Blocks - 220 Pieces
Item: 300585
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
18 months & up. Encourage creative play, tactile exploration, and open-ended building using the Snap and Stack Thistle Block set. Children can easily fit the durable plastic bristles together to create satisfying connections and construct anything their imagination can inspire. A variety of pieces will help children develop color and shape recognition as well as size relationships and pattern building. This 220-piece set allows for large builds independently or collaboratively.
Image of Geo Pegs Classroom Set - 172 Pieces
Geo Pegs Classroom Set - 172 Pieces
Item: 300512
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
18 months & up. Children will be sorting, counting, adding, subtracting, patterning and sequencing in no time with the Geo Pegs Classroom Set! Ideal for developing fine motor skills, this set is large enough for multiple children and includes 4 large peg boards, 144 colorful pegs, 12 laces and 12 double-sided activity cards for inspiration. The 4 peg boards can be used individually, or be joined together to create a larger work space. Each peg board measures 8.5" x 8.5".