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Dramatic Play

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Image of My 1st Baby Doll 12" Soft Body Doll
My 1st Baby Doll 12" Soft Body Doll
Item: 90276P
Status: In Stock
$24.95 - $99.95
Birth & up. Cuddly and baby-safe, these 12"soft-body dolls help develop pretend play, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination while encouraging early explorations of sight, sound, and touch. Featuring a star-shaped rattle in one hand and engaging sensor-inspired materials in the other, these dolls bring diversity to dramatic play, creating rich and inclusive play experiences for all young children. Surface washable. Available individually or in a set of 4.
Image of Plush Lovable Cats & Dogs
Plush Lovable Cats & Dogs
Item: 80694
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Woof! Meow! We've let the cats and dogs out with these four friendly cats and dogs! These soft, multi-colored animals are perfect for cuddling, storytime, and dramatic play. Encourage children to use their imaginations to create stories using these Lovable Cats and Dogs. Each stuffed animal features adorable stitched facial features. These are perfect for your young child. Surface Wash Only. Includes 2 cats and 2 dogs. Each stuffed animal measures 14.5"L.
Image of Discovery Toddler Phone
Discovery Toddler Phone
Item: 31743
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. Children can ngage in fun conversations with this pretend digital telephone.
Image of Jr. Shopper Set
Jr. Shopper Set
Item: 63518
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. This bag of soft, plush, farm-fresh foods feature multiple textured fabrics, crinkles, and rattles. Perfect for fill-and-spill or take-along fun. Little ones will learn the name of food items and will be mesmerized by the different textures and noises made by each piece of food. Includes grocery bag, cauliflower, banana, milk, apple, and an orange. Machine washable.
Image of Acrylic Mirror
Acrylic Mirror
Item: 2699
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Hang this acrylic mirror in the dress-up room. Hardwood frame with removable legs for optional wall mounting. Write-on wipe-off board on mirror back. Feet can be attached for vertical or horizontal use. Measure 48" x 14".
Image of Sweet Kaplan Kuddle Dolls
Sweet Kaplan Kuddle Dolls
Item: 80861
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Celebrate diversity with these huggable fabric dolls. Sweet, sleeping faces make them fast friends! Each doll possesses baby safe embroidered features. Two dolls wear ruffled bonnets while two others wear nightcaps. Their plush exterior makes them soft, snuggly friends for your young children. Each doll is machine washable. Each measures 10"H. Meets ASTM, CPSIA requirements.
Image of Soft Pocketbook
Soft Pocketbook
Item: 71208
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Send little shoppers to the store with our Soft Pocketbook set. This set gives little ones everything they need to go on a shopping extravaganza�including a wallet and a debit card! The soft textures and vivid colors of these items will stimulate sensory exploration, and their lightweight configuration will enable fine-motor development. Machine washable. 6.75"W x 9"H.
Image of Sorting Food Bags - 25 Pieces
Sorting Food Bags - 25 Pieces
Item: 39154
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Durable food that adds to pretend play and enriches learning. These soft 5 color food bags are great for toddlers to learn colors, sorting and matching skills. Each bag can be resealed and is filled with 4 various pretend play fruits, vegetables and assorted foods that all match in color. Surface washable only.
Image of Toddler Marketplace
Toddler Marketplace
Item: 63551
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Toddlers will love role-playing social situations at the well-designed Toddler Marketplace. This marketplace features beautifully angled shelves to hold bins and display products and a flat storage shelf below for additional items. The counter is perfectly sized for toddlers at 18" and the striped awning adds to the appeal. The clear display window has signs for a pet shop, farmers market, grocery store, and puppet theater. Bins, toys, and shopping cart are not included.… More »
Image of The Snowy Day Plush Doll and Board Book Set
The Snowy Day Plush Doll and Board Book Set
Item: 88500
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
6 months & up. Bring this old favorite to life for a whole new generation! A magical blanket of first snow reveals a child's wonder at a new world and the hope of keeping that world forever. Children will enjoy reading about the young boy named Peter, dressed in a bright red snowsuit, as he wanders a landscape of fresh snow that had fallen overnight. Simple text and beautiful artwork makes this story a classic. Introduce toddlers to the joys of story time as they cuddle with the accompanying… More »