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  • Nature Color Chunky 30x36 Rectangle Tables (Seats 4)
    Nature Color Chunky 30x36 Rectangle Tables (Seats 4)
    • Item Number: 84762GP
    • In Stock
    Color edge bands make these activity tables bright and cheerful! Includes 1 1/4" thick top with easy-to-clean high pressure laminate, soft rounded edges for safety, and reinforced leg brackets for sturdy, long-lasting durability. Color-coordinated legs are made of powder coated tubing with glide tips, and they easily adjust in 1" increments. Seats 4. Choose leg height and color.
  • Nine-Tray Storage With Trays
    Nine-Tray Storage With Trays
    • Item Number: 84512
    • In Stock
    Our sturdy birch laminate storage cabinet comes with 9 clear storage trays and has heavy-duty casters for easy rolling. The rigid plastic bins will endure years of use and can be stacked during playtime or nested when not in use. 24 1/2"H x 40 1/2"W x 17 1/2"D.
  • Carolina 5-Shelf Book Display
    Carolina 5-Shelf Book Display
    Promo Pricing: $149.95
    • Item Number: 48108
    • In Stock
    Five roomy shelves make it easy for children to see book titles. Fully rounded Baltic birch edges, solid masonite back. Durable UV finish. 28"H x 24"W x 15"D. Wt. 24 1/2 lbs. Easy to clean, durable UV-protective finish. Fully rounded, child-safe corners and edges. FSC certified. Books not included.
  • Carolina 4-Sided Storybook Theme Center
    Carolina 4-Sided Storybook Theme Center
    • Item Number: 40055
    • In Stock
    Book center holds books and materials on four sides! Two sides have display shelves, two have deep shelves for extra storage. Attractive birch construction with beveled edges and a non-toxic finish make this bookshelf safe and strong. Dual-wheel nylon casters. Minor assembly, casters only. 43"H x 23 1/2"W x 23 1/2"D. 61 lbs. Books not included.
  • Big Book Easel/Storage Unit
    Big Book Easel/Storage Unit
    • Item Number: 96225
    • In Stock
    Storage sections in this dual-purpose unit hold the biggest of big books. A pop-up easel displays books for viewing. The shelf below provides extra storage. Whiteboard front allows drawing and writing practice. Constructed of birch plywood with heavy-duty casters. 29"H x 24 1/2"W x 16"D. Books not included.
  • Carolina Writing Center
    Carolina Writing Center
    • Item Number: 29424
    • In Stock
    Up to four children can comfortably enjoy this spacious desk. The writing surface is dry erase and offers a sliding four-compartment storage tray to keep supplies organized. Measures 23"H x47 1/2"W x 27 1/2"D. Contents shown are sold separately.
  • Play House Cube
    Play House Cube
    $49.95 - $274.95
    • Item Number: 81359P
    • In Stock
    The Play House Cube provides children a quiet, comfy space to relax and reflect. This six-sided cube features three circular openings, two solid sides, and an open bottom. Minor assembly required. Measures 29"H x 29"W x 29"D. Cube and mat are sold separately.
  • Carolina Toddler See-All Storage Center
    Carolina Toddler See-All Storage Center
    • Item Number: 81429
    • In Stock
    Its size allows toddlers to reach into bins for manipulatives. Unit includes 6 clear storage bins. Ready to assemble - tools included. 14"H x 26"W x 14"D.
  • Pillowcase Mat Sheets
    Pillowcase Mat Sheets
    $15.95 - $21.95
    Promo Pricing: $13.95 - $18.95
    • Item Number: 85429P
    • In Stock
    Invite children to rest comfortably during naptime with these pillowcase mat sheets. Choose between the plain white sheet or gentle forest friends to provide a warm and inviting surface for children to settle in and relax. White sheet is a poly/cotton blend and measures 24"W x 52"L. The Forest Friends are soft microfiber and measure 25"W x 51"L. Sheets fit over 1"-2" thick mats. Machine wash and dry.
  • Nature Color Chunky Stackable Chairs
    Nature Color Chunky Stackable Chairs
    $42.95 - $72.95
    • Item Number: 2000P
    • In Stock
    Stackable chairs are made with rugged polypropylene shells and steel frames. Chairs have a weight limit of 150 lbs., with the exception of the 17 1/2" teacher chair, which has a weight limit is 250 lbs. Choose color and height.
  • Carolina Shape-A-Space™ Two Shelf Storage Unit - Acrylic Back
    Carolina Shape-A-Space™ Two Shelf Storage Unit - Acrylic Back
    • Item Number: 81280
    • In Stock
    No child is out of your vision when you have this two shelf storage unit. Clear acrylic panel on the back allows you to see through to the other learning areas. Makes an excellent room divider. 24"H x 36"W x 15"D.
  • Carolina Large 5-Shelf Book Display
    Carolina Large 5-Shelf Book Display
    • Item Number: 47147
    • In Stock
    36" width allows book display to be used independently or as a room divider. Baltic birch construction with a dry erase back. 30"H x 36"W x 15"D. Wt. 40 lbs. Books not included.
  • Carolina Mobile Audio Center
    Carolina Mobile Audio Center
    • Item Number: 41775
    • In Stock
    This fully functional, locking, audio center on wheels is constructed from Baltic birch. This unit has fully rounded child safety edges and seven storage areas for headphones, CD player, CD's, and other media. Unit includes a deep storage tray and a shallow storage tray. Fully assembled (must attach casters). Measures: 36"H x 22"W x 20"D. Other contents not included.
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Panels
    Magnetic Dry Erase Panels
    $99.95 - $109.95
    • Item Number: 48039P
    • In Stock
    Magnetic dry erase panel fits any of our 24" or 30" Carolina Line storage units (sold separately). Magnetic board size corresponds with storage unit size.
  • Carolina Tot-Explorer™ Storage
    Carolina Tot-Explorer™ Storage
    • Item Number: 80479
    • In Stock
    Children love to dig and explore new things. This low to the ground storage bin allows any child the pleasure of finding something new. Constructed of Baltic Birch with clear plexi-glass sides and child safe rounded edges. Size: 12"H x 38"L x 12"D.
  • Gratnell Storage Tray 12" Deep - Clear
    Gratnell Storage Tray 12" Deep - Clear
    • Item Number: 84511
    • In Stock
    These award-winning stackable storage trays from Europe have set the standard internationally for sturdiness and child-friendliness. The rigid plastic stands up to years of hard use. 16 3/4"L x 12 1/4"W x 12"D. Lid sold separately.
  • Modern Upholstered Furniture - Blue
    Modern Upholstered Furniture - Blue
    • Item Number: 97743
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Specially designed for childcare centers, this comfortable, flame-resistant, children's furniture is easy-to-clean. 3-piece set includes couch (31 1/2"L x 17 3/4"W x 17 3/4"D), chair (17 1/2"L x 17 3/4"W x 17 3/4"D), and ottoman (7"H x 10"W x 8"D).
  • Premium Solid Maple Coat Lockers
    Premium Solid Maple Coat Lockers
    $369.95 - $859.95
    • Item Number: 1613P
    • In Stock
    Personalized storage space welcomes children as they enter their learning environment. With four cubby sections per locker, including two sturdy hooks and a personalized name plate, children will have a place to easily store all of their belongings. Providing children with their own space will encourage responsibility and independence, while also keeping the entry area neat and organized. Choose between 2-Section, 4-Section, and 5-Section lockers.
  • Premium Solid Maple 5-Compartment Storage Unit
    Premium Solid Maple 5-Compartment Storage Unit
    $424.95 - $539.95
    • Item Number: 1620P
    • In Stock
    Solid maple construction provides five spacious compartments for storing a wide variety of learning materials. The smooth, rounded corners create a visually pleasing appearance and provide added safety. the shelves were intentionally designed to offer a variety of back panel options to create the best learning environment for your classroom. Toddler storage unit measures 24"H x 48"W x 15"D and Preschool storage unit measures 30"H x 48"W x 15"D. Contents not included.
  • Premium Solid Maple Multipurpose Shelf Storage
    Premium Solid Maple Multipurpose Shelf Storage
    • Item Number: 1631
    • In Stock
    Children will delight in having learning materials accessible in this well-designed maple shelving unit. With eight ample sections of available storage, related items can intentionally be stored together to encourage learning through meaningful play. Measures 36"H x 48"W x 15"D.
  • Premium Solid Maple 20-Bin Storage
    Premium Solid Maple 20-Bin Storage
    • Item Number: 1622
    • In Stock
    Children will feel confident and secure when they can count on the predictability and routine of their favorite learning materials residing in a familiar space. This essential storage unit offers 20 spaces to store a variety of classroom materials that are easily accessible to children. Measures 30"H x 48"W x 15"D. Storage Bins are sold separately.
  • Premium Solid Maple Preschool Mobile Storage Island
    Premium Solid Maple Preschool Mobile Storage Island
    • Item Number: 1638
    • In Stock
    With shelving options on both sides, the versatility of this quality piece compliments all classrooms. Substantial storage space is one of the benefits of this valuable piece as well as defining areas and planning your room arrangement. The generous surface area provides an ideal place for engaging play experiences. Measures 30"H x 48"W x 24"D.
  • Premium Solid Maple Communication Center
    Premium Solid Maple Communication Center
    • Item Number: 1644
    • In Stock
    Family engagement is an integral part of school readiness and future school success. This essential piece encourages communication between home and school in an organized and attractive manner. The spacious writing surface offers versatility for families and caregivers, while the large shelf is ideal for community handouts and information. Measures 40"H x 25"W x 15"D. Contents not included.
  • Premium Solid Maple 3-Shelf Storage
    Premium Solid Maple 3-Shelf Storage
    • Item Number: 1632
    • In Stock
    These roomy, accessible shelves invite a variety of possibilities for the classroom. The open design allows for freedom to create and organize learning areas while keeping a variety of materials within reach. All areas of the learning environment will benefit from such a versatile unit. Measures 36" x 48"W x 15"D. Contents not included.

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