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Image of Potty Party Board Book
Potty Party Board Book
Item: 300423
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Going potty can be a party for everyone! This durable potty board book celebrates a big change for children introducing the concept of using the toilet in a familiar and non-threatening way. This book filled with colorful illustrations shows children what to expect when they use the potty.  Potty Party�s energetic board book features a diverse group of children as they ditch their diapers showing them that using the potty is a normal and expected part of growing up.<br />  
Image of Hello, Face! - Board Book
Hello, Face! - Board Book
Item: 300998
Status: In Stock
Birth and up. Hello, smiling face! From laughing to cooing, from sneezing to yawning, join baby in discovering what expressive eyes, noses, and, mouths can do. With high-contrast design and engaging photographs, this title is perfect for the year youngest readers. 16 pages.