Wooden Blocks

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MATADOR Maker M070 Wooden Construction Set
MATADOR Maker M070 Wooden Construction Set
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3 years & up. This Matador maker set is perfect for stimulating minds with its fulfillment of cognitive and motor development. Pieces have been drilled to precision and the wooden pins, axles, and wheels connect with ease. With 70 pieces, your little engineer is able to build and design many creations and ideas. Model ideas include a cow and a car. Includes 70 pieces and tools.
GEO-Stacking Rocks
GEO-Stacking Rocks
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3 years & up. Bring the beauty of colors found in natural rock formations to children. These wooden rocks can be stacked to build unique landscapes and help children develop an understanding of the fundamentals of balance. Improve concentration and coordination in users as they practice stacking the blocks to make more unconventional shapes. Set includes 6 uniquely designed stacking rocks.