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  • All About the ECERS-3™
    All About the ECERS-3™
    • Item Number: 33002
    • In Stock
    The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale®, a staple of early childhood programs, has been updated! Use All About the ECERS-3™ to answer your questions about the third edition of this comprehensive assessment tool. It is organized to match the ECERS-3™ by subscale item, and indicator. Each section offers clear explanations of how to interpret each item and indicator on the scale, along with photographs of real-world settings. It will help you use the ECERS-3™ to accurately… More »
  • All About The ECERS-R™ - Book
    All About The ECERS-R™ - Book
    • Item Number: 46796
    • In Stock
    Step by step instruction on how to design a quality day care environment. Should be used side by side with ECERS-R™, the scale used to develop and quantify quality standards in the USA, Canada and abroad. Includes The How, What and Why for each indicator, seven sub-scale items, step-by-step instructions, and over 700 color photos. 441 pages.
  • All About the ECERS-R™ Set
    All About the ECERS-R™ Set
    • Item Number: 50035
    • In Stock
    Save when you purchase the All About the ECERS-R™ and the ECERS-R™ spiral bound.
  • Additional Scoring Protocols (Set of 10)
    Additional Scoring Protocols (Set of 10)
    • Item Number: 39503
    • In Stock
    Set of 10 scoring protocols to be used with POEMS.
  • Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale (POEMS)
    Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale (POEMS)
    • Item Number: 39502
    • In Stock
    Designed as a self-study, this scale is intended to raise the quality of outdoor children?s environments and promote their use in teaching, research, and practice. Includes a user guide, the scale and scoring protocol, reliability and validity information, and a technical assistance manual for program improvement and planning. Addresses environments for children age 3-5 years. (Additional Scoring Protocols sold separately.)

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