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Image of My 1st Ticonderoga Jr. Pencils
My 1st Ticonderoga Jr. Pencils
Item: 300351
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Pencils are the foundation of self-expression and new ideas. With the Ticonderoga® #2 My First Ticonderoga Jr. Pencil Set, children can draw their vision of the world! These pencils are both round and triangular making it easier for small hands to hold. These pencils are shaped for the purpose of comfort. Premium wood harvested from responsibly sourced managed sources provide smooth, even sharpening with minimal breakage. Non-toxic. 12 pencils total.
Image of Cool Shot Glue Gun Kit
Cool Shot Glue Gun Kit
Item: 300378
Status: In Stock
Enjoy creating new projects with those still learning how to use hot glue without possible risk of very hot glue.  This kit includes 12 cool shot glue sticks to get you started on any projects that don't need very hot glue for affixing materials. 
Image of Neon Abstract Sketch Book
Neon Abstract Sketch Book
Item: 300353
Status: In Stock
This is an exceptional sketch book with a trendy neon and black poly cover and back. Each book contains 75 perforated sheets of heavyweight, acid free drawing paper. The spiral binding lies flat so you easily sketch on either side of the pages. This book is perfect for sketching and drawing with dry media. Measures 12�L x9�W.
Image of All Temp Mini Glue Sticks
All Temp Mini Glue Sticks
Item: 300375
Status: In Stock
The ideal beginner or small project pack of all purpose hot glue sticks.  Versatile to use to secure delicate materials such as balloons, ribbon, lace, even children's crafts at lower temperatures.  Will adhere to stronger wood and metals at higher temps.  
Image of Fabric Liner Water Resistant Markers - 12 Colors
Fabric Liner Water Resistant Markers - 12 Colors
Item: 300665
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Perfect for classroom or home DIY crafts involving t-shirts, cloth bags, shoes, hats, and more. Color soft pen is suitable for outlining and coloring. The ink dries naturally after use. Includes 12 different odorless colors.