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Multiplication Workbooks - Set of 12
Multiplication Workbooks - Set of 12
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6 years & up. The Multiplication Workbooks - Set of 12 is ideal for children in first through third grade, who have mastered addition and subtraction facts and are now working toward multiplication fact proficiency, fluency, and automaticity. Work through 40 problems on double-sided sheets and quickly build skills to progress through each book in the kit. The intentional, step-by-step progression allows your child to master concepts before moving forward. Set includes 12 sequential workbooks… More »
Elementary Math Kit
Elementary Math Kit
Item: 37491
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4 - 8 years. Help children grow critical math skills such as adding, subtracting, probability, place values, and time. Included is a full activity guide that will engage hands-on learning. Sets of math manipulatives will make learning easy by providing visuals for abstract math concepts. This kit is perfect for small group or independent learning. Kit includes 1030 pieces and activity guide with included worksheets.