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Image of Bouncy Board
Bouncy Board
Item: 301185
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Help your child relieve anxiety, hyperactivity, and stress by encouraging them to bounce and balance on the Bouncy Board. Jumping and balancing in different positions on a Bouncy Board releases excess energy, boosting focus. Therapeutic sensory relief from purposeful movement is beneficial to all children who need to decompress and relax, including those with ADHD, autism, and sensory needs. Versatile, lightweight, and easy to carry, the Bouncy Board is perfect for home or in the… More »
Image of Ball Run Wooden Replacement Ball Pack - 16 Pieces
Ball Run Wooden Replacement Ball Pack - 16 Pieces
Item: 300873
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. If the balls in your ball run need an upgrade, the Ball Run Wooden Replacement Ball Pack has you covered. Featuring 16 wooden balls, this pack will enhance the play experiences and creative possibilities that children have with magnetic tile collections, especially the Colorful Magnetic Tiles Ball Run (300872).
Image of Fold and Carry Floor Mat
Fold and Carry Floor Mat
Item: 300481
Status: In Stock
Provide a comfortable, easy-to-clean space for floor activities in the classroom using the Fold and Carry Floor Mat. Designed to be used by very young children and adults, this versatile mat is the perfect place for gross motor activities. Conveniently fold mat for storage, using the durable handles for easy mobility. Measures 48"L x 96"W x 2"H.
Image of Picoo - Set of 12
Picoo - Set of 12
Item: 300528
Status: Pre-Order Now
4 years & up. Welcome to Picoo! Hand-held controllers you can play with indoors or out. Picoo is unique in that it promotes physical activity and social interaction among children. Children can use technology while interacting with their friends. And best of all, there is no screen. Picoo�s 15 games are fun and easy to play. Picco takes classic childhood games and gives them a modern twist. Each controller has lights, sounds, and vibrations. Picoo simplifies classroom management by choosing… More »