LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten Kit

LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten Kit
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The Learning Accomplishment Profile™ Birth to Kindergarten (LAP™ B-K) provides a systematic method for observing the skill development of any child functioning in the birth to 72-month age range, including children with special needs. The LAP™ B-K Kit contains a standardized set of the materials necessary to facilitate administration of the tool.

To access the LAP™ B-K assessment, a subscription to the Online LAP™ platform is required to administer and score items.

Aligns with Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. 

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This training offers in-depth instruction on the correct administration, scoring, interpretation, and use of results for the Learning Accomplishment Profile™: Birth to Kindergarten (LAP™: B-K). Participants will receive training necessary to use this assessment as an effective instructional tool. During this training, participants will learn how to:

  • Administer, score, interpret and execute instructional planning using assessment results
  • Apply consistent standards and procedures when administering the instrument
  • Interpret LAP™: B-K scores to individualize instruction, engage with parents, and evaluate program effectiveness
  • Document and access notes and track progress between assessments within the online system


The Participant will:

  • Describe the role and benefits of the LAP™: B-K within a comprehensive assessment program.
  • Understand and take advantage of all capabilities through the LAP™: B-K online platform
  • Explore the contents of the LAP™: B-K materials kit
  • Understand chronological age, basal, ceiling, and developmental age concepts
  • Practice entering child data and preparing to administer the LAP™: B-K online
  • Understand the importance of adhering to administration instructions for assessment items
  • Practice administering the LAP™: B-K during a field assignment
  • Practice generating reports available through the online tool
  • Describe how to use the results to inform planning for children
  • Enhance skills for sharing assessment results effectively with parents and program administrator

Aligns with Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

 For professional development options, call 1-800-334-2014 ext. 3252 or request more information.

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