Multicolor Sensory Balls - Set of 4

Item: 93165
Status: Product is No Longer Available

6 months & up. This ball set is wonderful for tactile experience and eye-hand coordination. These sensory products will enable babies to: explore, discover, visualize, verbalize and so much more. Set includes 4 multicolored sensory balls made of a soft vinyl. The sensory balls feature soft textured nubs on the exterior for more continuous stimulation. Colors may vary.

BOO Kaplan!!

1 stars
I ordered the set of 4 multicolored sensory balls. The picture as advertised is shown below. Instead I received 2 multicolored 8 inch balls and 2 single colored 4 inch balls. Basically I only got half of what I ordered and Kaplan switched two balls out for the same balls from another set that was 5 dollars cheaper. This is called bait and switch. I do not like these kinds of business practices. I will not be ordering from KAPLAN again. Very disappointed. I did not order the other set because I liked the look of the multicolor balls and I wanted them all to be the same size. Boo Kaplan!

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