Magnetic Addition Machine

Magnetic Addition Machine
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Grades PreK & up. A visual way to teach addition! Just stick the magnetic cups, funnel, and tray to any whiteboard for clear and simple addition demonstrations. Drop the balls into the cups, tilt them over so they fall into the addition funnel and through to the numbered tray, and then count them up! Includes 2 cups, funnel, 20 balls (10 green, 10 purple), number line, equals sign, and tray. Tray measures 11"L.

Product Features

  • Turn your whiteboard into a hands-on math machine
  • Easy to use, simply place the Addition Machine on any magnetic surface
  • Use the cups, funnels, and numbered tray to visually demonstrate addition
  • Machine set includes 2 cups, funnel, 20 balls, number line, equals sign, numbered tray
  • Tray measures 11 inches long

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