Baby Connects

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12 months & up. Children will enjoy the magic of these snap-ball connectors in games and play! Connectors come in five different colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. As a sweet surprise, twelve of the snap-ball connectors are decorated with 12 happy faces, adding smiles and interest to any creation and build your child can imagine. Includes 36 snap-ball connectors.

Toddler Love Them!

5 stars
I have been working at a daycare for currently nine months now, and every time I puul these out my kods come running to the mat shouting "yayyy!!". If you want something that can calm down your kids and get them in one area together, then I promise this is the answer.

Not good for children who put toys in their mouths.

1 stars
I had these in my 1 year old room. I almost threw them out but the toddler class used them to sort. The ends of the cross bars are open so when children put them in their mouths and suck or chew on them, the toys become filled with saliva. In order to properly sanitize them they have to be submerged to fill with sanitizing solution. Then they have the be drained. Due to their shape, you have to turn each toy around to get all the water out. Not worth it.

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