Spirit SD Multimedia Player/Recorder

Spirit SD Multimedia Player/Recorder
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Status: Product is No Longer Available

The Spirit SD brings new technology to classroom multimedia player/recorders. With its built in SD card slot and USB port, the Spirit is made to work with the latest formats as well as the teacher-tested CD player, cassette recorder/player, and AM-FM radio. Built for high-use environments with shatterproof ABS plastic for durability and safety, it's ideal for group or individual reading activities, literacy, ELD, ESL, and other language learning programs.


Power Output 1.8 W x 2

Record Level Control Auto Level Control, built-in mic to record to tape

Mechanism Auto Stop

CD Compatibility CD / MP3 / WMA-CD / CD-R / CD-RW

Cd Functions Play, Pause, Stop, F Skip, B Skip

Digital Audio Files MP3 & WMA compatible

Compatible USB/SD Card Capacities 16MB / 32MB / 64MB / 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB / 2GB

Encoding format (CD to USB / SD) 128 kbps MP3 format

Frequency Range FM: 88 - 108 MHz, AM: 530 - 1600 kHz

Output Jack Single 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

Antenna Telescopic antenna with reinforced jointing point for increased strength

Power Requirements AC: 110v-240v auto-switchable, 12VDC power adapter included but not shown, 60Hz, 14W

Exterior Casing Rugged ABS plastic for durability and won't shatter for classroom safety

Dimensions 13"L x 10"W x 5.5"H

Weight 4.5 lbs. w/o batteries, shipping weight 7 lbs.

Safety CE, FCC

Warranty For use in school, church, business and government facilities for 1 year from purchase

Q: I want to encode onto a USB flash drive using my 1886 boombox and am having trouble. Any suggestions?

A: To use your Spirit™ SD multimedia player to encode songs onto a USB flash drive, first make sure the memory on the USB drive has not reached capacity. Make sure it is powered on and the player is not in the "HOLD" mode. Learn about other features this player offers and read about different digital audio formats.

Q: I have a Spirit™ SD boombox and tried to encode a song onto an SD card and it didn't work. What can I do?

A: The Spirit™ SD multimedia player has a write-protect tab used for encoding songs onto an SD card. Make sure the tab is not in the "lock" position to be able to record.

Q: What is the purpose of the ENCODE button on my 1886 boombox?

A: The Spirit™ SD multimedia player has an "ENCODE" button to copy songs onto your choice of storage media (USB/SD card) for CD playback. Simply select and play the song, hold down the 'encode' button for 3 seconds until the display shows "ENC" to copy the song. Learn about other features this player offers and read about different audio formats.

Q: Can I program tracks with my Spirit™ SD boombox?

A: Yes. The Spirit™ SD multimedia player has a 20-track programmable CD memory feature.

Q: How can I view what audio files are on my USB drive using the Spirit™ SD?

A: The Spirit™ SD media player can play digital audio files from a USB drive, as well as from other sources, and the file names will appear in the display window.

Q: What's the voltage of the Spirit™ SD AC power adapter?

A: The Spirit™ SD comes with a universal AC power adapter which provides compatible voltage range of 100V to 240V.

Q: What's the wattage of the Spirit™ SD multimedia player?

A: The Spirit™ SD is a 3.6-watt multimedia player which is ideal to be used for a class size up to 40.

Q: Can I transfer files between the SD card and the USB drive of the Spirit™ SD?

A: Yes. The Spirit™ SD enables you to copy files from the SD card to the USB drive and vice versa, providing more options in digital recordings.

Q: Can the Spirit™ SD play digital files?

A: Yes. The Spirit™ SD muplays both .mp3 and .wma files.

Q: Does the Spirit™ SD come with a built-in microphone?

A: Yes. The Spirit™ SD comes with a built-in microphone which enables users to record data onto a cassette.

Q: What type of headphone jack does the Spirit™ SD feature?

A: The Spirit™ SD features one 3.5mm headphone jack which can also be used to connect to a jackbox for group learning centers.


1. Function selector

2. Built-in mic records student responses or projects

3. Top loading CD player tailored for school use

4. Band switch

5. Tuning control

6. SD slot and USB connector

7. Steel grills prevent accidental damage to recessed speakers

8. Rugged ABS plastic for safety and durability

9. Top-mounted 3.5mm headphone jack for individual use or to connect a jackbox for group learning

10. Volume control

• Powerful enough for classes up to 40 people

• AC and battery operation for indoor / outdoor flexibility

• Warranty covers use in schools - unlike media players purchased from consumer electronics stores


1 stars
Ordered six of the Spirits and two of them did not display cd number. Kaplan does not handle returns on this product; only the manufacturer.