Child's Veterinarian Kit

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2 years & up. Caring for animals teaches children compassion. This 16 piece set has everything a pretend vet will need to take care of man's best friend. Set includes: puppy, vet cage, bowl, tray, brush, blood pressure meter, mirror, ear examiner, hammer, tongs, scissors, tweezers, 2-pieces syringe, stethoscope, and thermometer. Colors may vary.

Great for a vet center!

5 stars
My three- and four-year-olds love this set! I used it as the basis for a vet center in dramatic play and it was very popular. The pieces are durable enough for an enthusiastic class, and there are enough props that everyone got to play! The carrier was particularly popular, although the kiddos needed some help opening and closing it. The puppy is smaller than I expected, but otherwise everything in the set was perfect. I would definitely recommend this set for classroom use, and I'm looking forward to using it again next year.

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