Messy Mats - Set of 5

Messy Mats - Set of 5
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Protect tables and work surfaces with this set of 5 transparent mats. Ideal for craft activities from gluing and painting to any clay or modeling dough projects. Mats are waterproof, stain resistant and washable. Marked with 2 cm squares for measuring. Set includes one of each: blue, clear, green, yellow and pink. 19.6875"L x 14.3125"W.

Big surface, easy clean up

5 stars
I just bought these because I wanted to be a little greener. I pop these down to protect the table (instead of paper) when doing art, playdoh, and play, and they are an easy clean up. They also give kids a designated space all their own. LOVE 'EM!

Very handy

4 stars
The messy mats are very good. I like how the don't slip, and I have used them to move art to the drying rack and placed a new one in it's place without disrupting everyone else, at the table.

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