Animal Themed Headphones

Animal Themed Headphones
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Kaplan Elementary

Teachers understand one secret to a successful class is engaging their students. These fun animal-themed Listening First Headphones are built to do just that with playful Bear, Panda and Tiger patterns.

Purpose built with the proper age-appropriate size and weight for day care to elementary school-aged students, these unique headphones are ideal for computer-based programs (including testing to meet Common Core State Standards), literacy and language learning activities, read alongs in classrooms, library and lab settings. Adjustable headband comfortable for extended wear.

  • Specifically sized for young students
  • Volume control for individual preferences
  • Ideal for beginning computer classes and story-time uses
  • Permanently attached with reinforced “strain” connection resists accidental pull out
  • Lengthy 6 foot straight cord with 3.5mm plug set at right angle reduces accidental pull-out
  • Around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds (without added electronic circuitry and expense). This reduces the need to increase the volume (protecting the ears) and helps keep students on task.
  • Rugged ABS plastic earcups resist breakage in high-use situations
  • Replaceable leatherette ear cushions
  • One year warranty for school use


Cone - 30mm Mylar

Magnet - Ferrite

Impedance - 25 Ohms each side+/-15%

Frequency Response - 20 - 20KHz

SPL - 110 db +/- 3db

R/L Output Difference - 3 db

Rating Input - Minimum 20mw, maximum 30mw

Distortion - 5%

Transducers - 40mm Mylar dome driver unit

Sensitivity - 98dB ± 3dB at 1kHz

Volume Control - Yes

Plug - Right angle 3.5mm mini plug

Cord - 5.5 foot, straight cord

Headband - Adjustable

Earcups - Noise-reducing, ABS plastic for durability

Ear Cushions - Foam-filled leatherette

Weight - 9.6 oz.

So Cute!

5 stars
These headphones are perfect for a early learning listening center. Children will love wearing the tigers on their ears!

Quiet at last!

5 stars
My students love these with the TAG readers. And I love the quiet. Cute, sturdy, and no one fusses about having to use them.


5 stars
Cute, quiet, functional! and no one fusses about wearing them. Very comfortable on little heads.

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