Explore Your Senses Classroom Duffle

Explore Your Senses Classroom Duffle
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Kaplan Exclusive

Explore Your Senses

3 - 5 years. This duffle includes a multi sensory approach to learning core developmental skills for children. Children are able to explore and develop core developmental areas using all five senses and emotions to teach sensory regulation. 

Classroom duffles include a clear container for easy storage and a duffle for transporting between centers and small groups. Activities are easy to implement in lesson plans, encourage engagement and individual instruction, build connections with families, and help understand a child's progress. Activities are created based on scientific research by developmental experts in various fields of study.

Classroom Duffle Kits Include:

  • Developmentally appropriate materials
  • Clear container for easy storage
  • Duffle bag for easy movement around classroom
  • Activity cards created by child development experts


*Please note: Kit components may change occasionally due to availability. We will substitute developmentally appropriate items for the purpose for which they were intended.

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