K'Motion Flexible Seating Stool - 15" Primary Blue

K'Motion Flexible Seating Stool - 15" Primary Blue
Item: 85725-DB
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Kaplan Exclusive

5 - 8 years. The K-Motion Stool provides a unique and functional seating option featuring a lightweight, durable body with a convex base that is designed to move in all directions. This ergonomic stool can be used as a physical outlet for children and adults who need movement to focus while sitting. The sturdy, padded base provides comfort and prevents slipping. Seat measures 15" high. Maximum weight limit: 250 Ibs.

Product Features

  • Unique and functional seating option for children and adults
  • Features a lightweight, durable body structure and a padded base to prevent slipping
  • Constructed with a convex base that is designed to move in all directions
  • Provides a physical outlet for those who need movement to focus while sitting
  • Max weight: 250 Ibs.

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High quality product

5 stars
These stools are sturdy and high quality. My students love them and focus has improved.

great chair

5 stars
my son thinks this is the best invention ever...i am so happy

wonder chair

5 stars
my son is unfocused and this is great for his sensory

a wonder

5 stars
this product s amazing my child loves this chair so much

Amazing chair

4 stars
This chair are so amazing !!! My daughter and I love this chair !!! It’s give her lots of patios to seat on it and play or read a book I really recommend it


5 stars
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! Helps with the wiggles tremendously! It's even just fun to sit on!!

Great for Class

4 stars
Very helpful for kids that have problems sitting still. It is also good to use for balancing fun.

Great movement chair for wigglers

5 stars
As a teacher who sees the need for flexible seating, these stools meet the needs of the students to be able to move while focusing and staying on task.


5 stars
this chair is perfect for my hyperactive son!!!!! !


5 stars
Perfect for children who aren't capable of sitting still


5 stars
Amazing chair, great for my son that cannot sit without moving.


5 stars
My students absolutely love these stools! They are great quality and are very durable!

Awesome Stool

5 stars
I have 3 of these in my classroom and the students love it for our flexible seating. It helps keep them active while engaged in their learning.


5 stars
this product is amazing... love it!!!! especially for kids with sensory


5 stars
this chair is amazing my grandson is autistic ... it helps him so much


5 stars
my child is in love with this wonderful product!!!!

love this product

5 stars
i am a teacher and my kids have focusing situations this helps them so much

so excited

5 stars
this product is amazing my kids and i love it!!!!!

amazing chair

5 stars
i love this product so much no comparison to any other

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