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3 years - adult. The K-Motion Stool offers a unique and functional option for children and adults who need movement to focus. The stool's convex base allows for discreet motion in all directions and provides a physical outlet for anyone who struggles to sit still. The sturdy, padded base also prevents slipping. Offering K-Motion Stools as an alternative seating option can help channel children's physical energy while reducing attention concerns in the classroom. One of the best features of the K-Motion Stools is the lightweight, durable body that allows for easy transport around the classroom. Several seating heights and colors to choose from!

Weight limit 250 lbs.

Uses for Flexible Seating in the Classroom→

Read this Insights and Inspirations article for information on how you can use flexible seating options to create an engaging learning environment for children.

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K'Motion Flexible Seating Ergonomic Stool - 12" Black$0.00$31.00
K'Motion Flexible Seating Ergonomic Stool - 12" Green$0.00$31.00
K'Motion Flexible Seating Ergonomic Stool - 12" Natural$0.00$31.00
K'Motion Flexible Seating Ergonomic Stool - 12" Red$0.00$31.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Black$0.00$39.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Primary Blue$0.00$39.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Gray-Blue$0.00$39.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Natural$0.00$39.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Red$0.00$39.00
20" K'Motion Stool - Black$0.00$46.00
20" K'Motion Stool - Primary Blue$0.00$46.00
20" K'Motion Stool - Green$0.00$46.00
20" K'Motion Stool - Natural$0.00$44.00
20" K'Motion Stool - Red$0.00$44.00

K'Motion for everyone

5 stars
I have a classroom that serves students in preschool all the way to 5th grade. I have these stools in 3 heights and they are the absolute favorite in my STEAM classroom for all ages ! Also, I have 5th graders who prefer to sit on the smallest size. I have seen first hand that these stools are durable, easy to wipe clean, and are the highlight of seating choices in my room. I recommend having at least 4 in every class. What I like is that they work on carpet or tile (I have both) and the rubber on the bottom is excellent for safety and does not slide out during wobbles.

Awesome Stool

5 stars
This is a wonderful stool for students needing to self-regulate and meet vestibular sensory needs.

Great chair for many subjects

5 stars
I am a music teacher and am often times trying to get students to sit up straight and balance on their chair. This chair helps keep students aware of these habits.

Love this product!

5 stars
My daughter suffers from anxiety and frequently asks to go to the media center at school where they have these chairs. Being able to move while she reads helps her. She even put one on her wish list from Santa so she could have one at home!

Love this product!

5 stars
My daughter suffers from anxiety and frequently asks to go to the media center at school where they have these chairs. Being able to move while she reads helps her. She even put one on her wish list from Santa so she could have one at home!

Great Product

5 stars
I have 3 of these in my classroom! My students absolutely love them! They are able to move from side to side while they are working! The rubbery top helps them stay on their stool while they are working! Absolutely love these and wish I could have more!


5 stars
My son will benefit from this during learning! We got it last week and I already see improvement in learning time!

K'Motion Stool

4 stars
This stool is not only great for children to help support their balance and to provide physical movement within a confined space. It is also great for adults. It works wonders to strengthen my core muscle abdominal muscles, keep my back stay loose, while working.

KMotion Stool

5 stars
My students love to use this stool while completing their work. It allows them to wiggle and move around while focusing on their work.

Great for Adults

5 stars
Very recently, my office purchased me an expensive office chair. It's nice, but much like children, I have a a need to move. Typically, wobble and wiggle seats are used with younger children, but having this need to move, I ordered one for myself. I LOVE IT!!! I wish, wish, wish that I had something like this when I was in school and much earlier in my working career. I am able to move but without what appears distracting or out of the norm. I think being able to move more liberally has reduced some of my anxiety. My posture has improved significantly but without pain or even consciousness. It also frees up so much space in my office. The K'Motion stool is easy to move to a different area, comfortable and light weight but durable and sturdy. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the K'Motion stool not only for students, but for adults as well!

Would definitely recommend

5 stars
This stool has been helpful for students who need to "wiggle" while needing to stay on task/pay attention. It is very durable, as several students have turned the stool and stood on the thinner middle part.

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