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Crayola® 8-Count Multicultural Crayons - Large (Single Box)

Crayola® 8-Count Multicultural Crayons - Large (Single Box)
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Draw pictures of friends, relatives, and children from around the world with 8 colors: mahogany, apricot, peach, burnt sienna, sepia, tan, black, and white. Large crayons.

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Multicultural Crayons are a Classroom Necessity

5 stars
I love these crayons and so do my students! I teach a very diverse group of 3rd and 4th grade kids. We have used these crayons to draw self portraits, as well as other important people we have studied. My students are glad they can accurately represent themselves and others in pictures. My students also enjoy using the larger version of the crayon because it is something different than the typical crayon and they don't break when the kids are using a lot of pressure. These crayons can be used for many ages and for a variety of projects. This product is a necessity in any classroom that celebrates culture!
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