Washable Woven Plastic Wicker Basket with Hand Grips for Classroom Sorting and Organization

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Easily store essential classroom materials with these Washable Woven Plastic Wicker Basket with Hand Grips for Classroom Sorting and Organization. This set of woven plastic wicker baskets provides a convenient, aesthetically pleasing solution for classroom organization. Use these baskets for sorting by items, shapes, colors, and more. Fits some cubbies. Baskets are completely washable. Contents not included. Available individually in small, medium, shallow, or large, small set of 10 or small set of 20.

Plastic, neutral, home friendly!

5 stars
These baskets are plastic and look like brown wicker baskets. The color is milk chocolate. I run a licensed home day care. I bought my first baskets about 10 years ago, they have a bit of unweaving at the top, but they are still nice looking and useable. The metal around the top will bend if the kids use them incorrectly. Supervision is needed. The plastic baskets from Lakeshore have no metal in them and can be completely squashed, but they don't hold their shape like these do.

The basket service many needs.

5 stars
The baskets are used in many ways in the classroom. They satisfy our needs very well

Excellent quality and a size I needed!

5 stars
I'm a home childcare provider and I've been searching for "square" totes for our manipulative center. The shelving unit I have has different sized areas on each shelf. On one of the shelves, there are two square openings and these baskets fit perfectly! They are excellent quality which is important in a childcare setting! I highly recommend these and will definitely be buying more in the future!

Great Quality

5 stars
These are made so well and strong! I love them and I am hoping that they hold up will in my preschool room for a long time which they seem like they will. Very happy with how they are made and how strong and durable they are!

Irregular, poor quality control

3 stars
I was hoping for these baskets to be a great addition to my child care that would last a long time. Unfortunately I was not very impressed. There is poor quality control on these baskets. Some were fine, but others I'm afraid will unravel without much effort. The weaving is not very tight around the top and I had to reweave in some ends right out of the box. A couple of the baskets look like they used scraps so there are multiple ends showing on the front, not very appealing. The handle holes are irregular with the opening being three inches on some and one inch on others, which doesn't provide a uniform look on the shelves. Unfortunately they are the only baskets that I could find that are the correct dimensions, so they will have to do. It's not worth the effort to exchange the worst ones since I don't know if I'd get any better ones anyway. For the price I thought they would be nicer.

perfect size for little hands

5 stars
These are the perfect size for little hands to carry around and store toys nicely. I love the real basket look but feel they will stand up to the abuse the children will put them through.

Excellent baskets

5 stars
These baskets are attractive, strong and they last! A great enhancement to our rooms.

colorful, cleanable storage

4 stars
I like the size and shape of these containers because they fit inside the closable shelving units. The plastic makes them easily cleanable. I have only had them a short time, so I will be interested to see how well they hold up to daily use.


4 stars
Baskets are expensive- but very sturdy & stand up well to a lot of use.