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Magna-Tiles® 48-Piece DX Set

Magna-Tiles® 48-Piece DX Set
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3 years & up. These magnetic tiles teach spatial relationships, math, logic, and problem-solving through creative building! The tiles attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. This set contains unique pieces that have holes, are curved, a magnetic door and a wheeled piece. This product provides more pieces for a classroom, and are a great addition with the special pieces. Idea guide included.


  • Tiles are constructed in bright solid colors with magnets on all sides
  • The secret is the unique ability to attract even when they are flipped
  • Perfect for introducing children to simple math, geometry, and science
  • Magna-Tiles® are unbreakable
  • All Magna-Tiles® sets are compatible

48-Piece Set Includes:

  • 12 Small Squares
  • 3 Large Squares
  • 9 Equilateral Triangles
  • 10 Right Triangles
  • 6 Isosceles Triangles
  • 1 Wheeled Chassis
  • 2 Imagination Pieces
  • 2 Equilateral Triangles - Hole Punched
  • 1 Arch
  • 1 Square Door Frame
  • 1 Magnetic Hinged Door

Eight Ways to Use Magna-Tiles® in the Classroom→

Read our Insights and Inspirations article for tips on how Magna-Tiles can be used as a fun and versatile learning tool in the classroom.

Ratings & Reviews

LOVE Magnatiles!

April 4, 2018
By mkicks
These are a huge hit with my 4 and 3 year old. They both can play with them for a good long time and are working on myriad math and spatial skills through play. Quality construction, well engineered toys. They are an investment, for sure, but worth every dime!
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