Magnetic Wands

Magnetic Wands
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3 years & up. Strong ceramic magnets with an easy grip plastic handle. How do Magnets Work? Teach young scientists about magetism without a mess. Just waive these wands over different objects to see if they are magnetic. Each magnet can pick up small items such as paperclips and iron shavings. Available individually and in sets of 3 or 6. Colors will vary.

Ratings & Reviews

Magnetic Wands are Great

January 21, 2017
From Pacoima, CA
Role Elementary Teacher
Setting Elementary School
Age Grades K-1
The magnetic wands are good size, brightly colored and pretty strong. My students love them!

Magnetic Wands

March 7, 2013
From Georgia
Role Early Childhood Teacher
Setting Child Care Center
Age Preschool
These wands keep children fully engaged and curious while helping to strengthen motor development.

my wands

October 8, 2010
Role Child Care Director/Owner
Setting Child Care Center
Age Preschool
My wands are greate very well maked. excellent just what I wanted. Except they are all the same ugly yellow ( colores were to vary) they did not get shipped with my order. they were on the invoice I had to reorder them (not repay). wands are great, service not so good.


August 23, 2010
From North Dakota
Role Child Care Director/Owner
Setting Home
Age Infant/Toddler
These were very entertaining for the kids, inside or out! A fun way to find things made out of metal.

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