Kid Alert Outdoor Safety Sign with Reflector Strip

Kid Alert Outdoor Safety Sign with Reflector Strip
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Children at play safety mannequin. Stands 32" and holds 39" tall red warning flag to caution motorists and sets boundaries for children. Fluorescent body and reflector strip belt is visible during twilight hours. It's easy to position and simple to assemble.

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Neighborhood Kid Protection

5 stars
This is a well made heavy duty plastic structrue that does the intended job. It draws attention and encourages drivers to "Slow" down and to alert them that children may be in the area, without actually saying it This will alert all motorist (visitors, residents, or sevice delivery people coming to the neighborhood). The hole to place the sand/ or water... I used sand.. ordered a bag from Amazon, was a bit challenging to plug, but with assistance I was able to secure it. I keep it outside all the time, not just when the kids are playing.

Great item. Nice, durable, cute and easily seen

5 stars
Nice and sturdy and durable material. Easiliy seen and recognized during day and night hours. I am very satisfied witht his product and price. I would recommend this to anyone with children who play outdoors where traffic is frequented. Plus it is super cute!

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