Choke Tube Tester Set - Set of 3

Choke Tube Tester Set - Set of 3
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This tester is a must for preventing accidental choking. If an object fits completely inside the tester, it's small enough to be a hazard.

Choke tube tester

5 stars
Choke tube tester is very simple but reassuring that my babies will not get choked!

Choke Tube

5 stars
Helps teachers know which items can fit down child's throat

Great quality and value!

5 stars
A must have for our daycare! Great quality and value!

Choke Tube Tester

5 stars
I am a nurse at a pediatric office. I ordered these testers for our office.Being able to demonstrate to a parent, how to test a toy, or other item for safety is a very important part of teaching parents how to keep their most precious possession safe during a very challenging part of development!I hope each parent enjoys your website as I have!

Choke testers in the Classroom

3 stars
I think that this product is an easy and affordable way to keep children safe in a large group setting. It is a very simple way to make sure all of the items available to the children are appropriate and safe! Safety is number one in childcare!!

Choke tubes

5 stars
I feel these are important in a daycare setting and I have one in the playroom and in the entrance. They are good quality and will not break easily.This product is awesome!!! Could not find this quality anywhere else!

A "must-have" for your center

5 stars
These are sturdy little tubes that readily demonstrate when toys are too small for infants or young children to use. It's a good idea to keep them handy. We have one in each of our Infant/Toddler classrooms.

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