The New Early Childhood Professional - Paperback

The New Early Childhood Professional - Paperback
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For today's early childhood educator, change is a non-negotiable reality. While the size, force, and direction of change can often seem overwhelming, this book shows the way toward overcoming these gigantic. The authors share a specific framework with concrete steps to help educators become positive change makers in the field of early care and education. Complete with resources, tools, and questions for reflection. Paperback. 160 pages.

This handbook takes readers through four progressive paths toward becoming an architect of change:  

  • Analysis - When confronting seemingly insurmountable situations, instead of being overwhelmed, think and reflect about the situation and discover hidden insights
  • Advance - Better understand the nature of problems while also strengthening your vision and identity through planning and preparation
  • Act - Begin with everyday challenges and use what you know from every situation, in every interaction with a child, parent, peer, or administrator
  • Accelerate - Focus on what you want to change, gather allies, document, and communicate

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