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Encouraging Physical Activity in Preschoolers - Paperback

Encouraging Physical Activity in Preschoolers - Paperback
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Preschoolers are constantly using their bodies to play and learn, whether you encourage activity or not. You can help them stay active as they grow by providing instruction in physical skills, motivating them to develop strength and fluid movements, and challenging them to improve their skill levels.

Not every child will become an athlete, but all children use motor skills to move around their environment, interact with others, play games, and learn.

You can help preschoolers understand the best ways to do the following movements:

  • Skip, gallop, and run
  • Balance
  • Jump and land
  • Kick accurately
  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Strike large balls with their hands
  • Hit small balls with paddles, sticks, and bats
  • Jump rope
  • Ride a bike

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