Natural Wooden Loose Parts Kit

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Kaplan Exclusive

3 years & up. A selection of branches, drift wood, rattan, roots, bark, and willows. There 13 items in this kit.


  • Branch Offcuts – Oval (60g)
  • Mulberry Slices (125g)
  • Small Cuts Tea Plant Branch Cuttings (60g)
  • Azalea Branch Cuttings (125g)
  • Drift Wood (125g)
  • Dark Brown Rattan (125g)
  • Dried Ginger Root (125g)
  • Mulberry Root (125g)
  • Rattan Slices (60g)
  • Bark Squares (75g)
  • Willow Branches (75g)
  • Incense Tree Root (60g)
  • Twisted Willow (60g)

*Please note: Due to seasons, items may vary

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