Natural Loose Parts Starter Kit

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Kaplan Exclusive

The Naturals Starter Kit is a selection of botanicals, wood, shells, minerals, stones, and gems. There are 14 different items in this kit.


  • Willow Balls (2)
  • Branch Chips (60g)
  • Branch Offcuts – Oval (60g)
  • Branch Offcuts – Circular (60g)
  • Rattan Slices (60g)
  • Bark Squares (3)
  • River Pebbles (250g)
  • Small Polished Stones – Assorted (250g)
  • Small Gemstones (60g)
  • Small Seashells (125g)
  • Assorted Pine Cones (60g)
  • Bodhi Leaves (5)
  • Colored Seagrass Bundles (4) – Red/Green/Yellow/Blue

*Please note: Due to seasons, items may vary

My kids love it

5 stars
Excellent for crafting and the kids love it to work on stuff