Ramptastic - STEM Ramp for Testing Velocity on Different Surfaces

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3 years & up. This sturdy wooden incline ramp invites children to explore STEM concepts through prediction and experimentation. The six varying textures give children the opportunity to test the effects of surfacing, weight, and velocity on the potential speed and function of different objects. Ramptastic also introduces simple machines to children and is the perfect addition to the STEM toys in your classroom. Activity cards included. Cars sold separately. Measures 4.5" H x 4.5" W x 12.5" L.

Great for Hypothsesizing

4 stars
The chidlren really enjoy switching out the different ramp textures to see which will make their cars move the fastest. We have also tried other items on the ramps including balls. Fun addition to the block area.

Great product idea, just smaller than expected.

4 stars
The ramp is sturdy. The changeable textures are great. I think it is a great addition to our cars and the block area in general. I just wish it was bigger to accommodate larger vehicles.

Just OK

3 stars
I really wanted to love this ramp. The concept is great, but the design is lacking. The Velcro to hold one of the textures came off the first time it was used. After a couple of weeks over half of the Velcro pieces peeled off. This was not with rough use, but just the act of removing the textures to put a new one on. I tried regluing and using double stick tape, but they still did not stay. I decided to stop trying to repair it. For the price this is supposedly worth, it is disappointing. The wooden ramp itself is sturdy and high quality, so that is the only reason I gave it as many stars as I did. I think the kids would just like a plain wooden ramp better.

Good concept

4 stars
This ramp is a great addition to our block area. The kids love it and they learn so much while using it. However, the Velcro came off of a few of the textured pieces only after two weeks of use. And this was mainly with me still in the center monitoring and demonstrating how to use it. Nothing that a hot glue gun can’t fix, but I wish these pieces were more sturdy. Overall though I love how the children use this product!

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