Outdoor Sand Trays - Set of 4

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3 years & up. Support outdoor learning with our Outdoor Sand Trays. Each tray comes with a lid. Trays are made from eco-friendly, sustainable eucalyptus wood. Perfect for the outdoor classroom and all outdoor play needs! Each tray measures 4"H x 17 1/3"L x 15"W.

Maintenance of your Outdoor Sand Trays

Periodic cleaning of your eucalyptus furniture will help to maintain the general appearance and prevent dirt from building up. You may hose the wood off, but we do not recommend using a high pressure washer. Clean using a mild solution of warm water and a little detergent (you can even use a few tablespoons of bleach). Then rinse with fresh water. Some people prefer to cover their furniture when they are not using it for long periods of time, which will help keep it clean and protected (especially in areas with a lot of tree sap or dust), but is not essential. When left outdoors, eucalyptus furniture will naturally weather to a silver grey color. You will be able to notice  the "greying" after a few months, depending on the amount of sun and rain your furniture is exposed to. Total weathering usually takes 6-8 months.

We recommend using a natural oil to maintain the beautiful timber surface and for delaying the weathering process.

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