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Jurassic Sensory Sands (One Quart Each)

Jurassic Sensory Sands (One Quart Each)
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3 years & up. Each sand has a unique quality that children will find fascinating. the river bed and garnet sands have clean grains with a crunchy texture, while objects sink in quick sand when water is added. The knot sand has a rough texture but is extremely lightweight.

Jurassic Sands are:

  • Dust Free
  • Dye Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
  • Hand Washed, Residue Free
  • Sustainable & Ecofriendly

Jurassic Knot Sand - A lightweight alternative to sand made from USA-grown corncobs. It's a great sensory material for children with its rough texture, larger grain size, and all-natural golden grain color.

Jurassic Quick Sand - A soft, all-natural desert sand that's real quicksand. Great to use wet or dry.

Jurassic Riverbed Sand - Makes a great alternative to regular sand. With its large grain size, it won't stick to children's hands like regular sand does. The combination of super clean smooth grains, crunchy texture, interesting colors, and the ability to use wet or dry makes it a great choice for sand and water tables.

Jurassic Garnet Sand - This purple/pink play sand is a rare earth gemstone sand. It subtly changes color in different light making it an interesting choice of sand for your table. The grains are slightly larger so they won't stick to hands, clothes, or shoes. Best of all, it will never fade or lose its color even if left in sunlight.

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