STEM Builder Series Build a Waterway

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Build a Waterway

3 years & up. This 90-piece set includes a variety of items to create working waterways. Children can experiment with the effects that construction, gravity, and distance have on water pressure and flow as they create endless waterway configurations. Materials are transparent to allow for easy viewing of water flow.

The Build a Waterway STEM Kit builds on children’s natural curiosity by providing the materials and freedom to explore. The funnels, measuring pitchers, connector tubes, blockers, and water wheel provide endless opportunities for child-guided learning. Children should be encouraged to build, create, and invent on their own. Experimentation and use of the included materials can be encouraged at the water table, in small groups, and for independent learning.

Set includes:

  • 70 Connecting Tubes
  • 2 Funnels
  • 2 Measuring Pitchers
  • 10 Blockers
  • 2 Water Wheels
  • 4 Bases

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5 stars
My son just loves this set. He builds any kind of shapes and forms with it. Thank you. It’s a wonderful product!

Classroom Environment

1 stars
I bought these for a 3 year old classroom and within the first 2 weeks about 1/3 of the pieces broke at the connection point. It is about 2 months later and almost all of the pieces have broken and are no longer useable.


1 stars
I usually love love Kaplan products! However this doesn’t work. The wheels do not spin after adding water (they are too tight). Very disappointed.

Connection point break easily

2 stars
I am a STEAM educator for preschool -5th grade. I bought this for my 3yr old to use at home. We have had this since April 2020. He uses it almost daily. Here’s the downside. With normal wear and tear it seems the connection point are now breaking. We have only had this for 3.5 months. I would have loved to buy this for the classroom but if one child using it over three months can’t have it last longer due to the plastic breaking, I am not sure it will be a worthwhile investment for groups of children to use throughout the year. I see it breaking within a month. Maybe ours had faulty plastic? I don’t know. Kaplan Co. thoughts?

Awesome science activity

5 stars
We love the STEM Builder Series Build a Waterway set. When it came we immediately set it up. It is not wobbly and stands steady.The daycare kiddos play with it every day. They love watching the water flow through the translucent pipes.

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