Yoga for Kids DVDs

Yoga for Kids DVDs
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Live Balanced, Live Happy

3 – 6 years. Yoga for Kids DVDs provide children with a fun, safe, and healthy activity that they will enjoy! Children will learn simple Yoga exercises that will strengthen their bodies, improve coordination, and help them gain a feeling of accomplishment. Children will be able to learn fun poses, challenge their creativity, and gain a respect for all living things. Yoga will delight children and teach them how to focus.

Long-time kids’ Yoga teacher, Marsha Wenig, guides children in an entertaining and creative way, bringing the joy of exercise and the wonder of all living things combined.

Yoga Basics DVD:

  • 20 simple poses and Yoga basics
  • 5 fun original songs
  • Builds flexibility and strength
  • Teaches respect for nature
  • Challenges imagination

ABC's DVD (40 minutes long)

  • Uses the alphabet to teach Yoga ABC's
  • ABC play that teaches childre4n about nature and more
  • Interactive, educational, and fun
  • Kid-friendly ways to build physical fitness and self-confidence
  • Activities to build coordination and challenge imagination

Silly to Calm DVD: (40 minutes long):

  • Transforms restlessness into balance energy
  • Channels energy into fitness fun
  • Helps children feel calm and confident
  • Builds focus and challenges creativity
  • Teaches lifelong tools for refocusing mindset and mood


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